Wipro Hikes Salary Of Freshers; Promotions Announced For These Employees

Wipro Hikes Salary Of Freshers; Promotions Announced For These Employees
Wipro Hikes Salary Of Freshers; Promotions Announced For These Employees

Wipro, one of India’s leading IT service providers, has announced that employees who deliver high quality performance will be awarded with promotions in December.

Despite the current critical situation in the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company’s employees have been able to deliver solid performances for the company.

Note here, that all the promotions and increments were stopped by Wipro, due to the pandemic, but it seems that now things are back to normal, and the company is awarding its employees for their hard work.

Read on to find out more about Wipro’s promotions right here!

Wipro To Give Promotion These Employees

In December, Wipro limited will be handing out promotions to high performing employees. This is a reward for making sure that the business operations continue to run smoothly especially during the trying time of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown imposed, therefore. 

A spokesperson of Wipro said, “Our employees have shown remarkable resolve and resilience in ensuring seamless business continuity and maintaining high standards of service in these challenging times.”

And now, the company has promised that promotions for the high performers will be handed out in bands up to B3 and will be effective from 1 December. 

Employees in bands up to B3 account for about 80% of the company’s workforce. As the total headcount in Wipro is more than 1,80,000, and 80% of this means 1,45,000 employees of Wipro.

Confirmed Salary Hike For Engineering Freshers

Earlier, Wipro had announced that the increment in the salary of the employees will be postponed indefinitely due to the effects caused by the pandemic. The company had promised that all campus job offers will be honored but the joining process might be conducted in planned phases.

However, now Wipro is ready to hike salaries and give promotions.

The engineering campus who has been categorized under the band “Team-Rainbow”, and they will also receive confirmatory hikes that will also be effective from December 1.

He said, while talking to Chiratae Ventures, “I definitely do not see everybody working from home in the foreseeable future. Everybody will come (to office) in some of the time.”

The company’s 98% of employees have been working from home despite the chairman’s opinion that people should work from their office.

As per Premji, this helps build culture and nurture innovation.

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