5 Disruptions Which LG G8X ThinQ Has Unleashed In The Smartphone World

5 Disruptions Which LG G8X ThinQ Has Unleashed In The Smartphone World
5 Disruptions Which LG G8X ThinQ Has Unleashed In The Smartphone World

Electronics and telecommunications behemoth LG (with a memorable tagline: Life’s Good) has this knack of disrupting the current status quo and unleashing a new perspective to usability and customer’s expectation.

Way back in 2011, LG was among the first smartphone makers to present dual-camera smartphones, which has now become the norm for all other players.

Continuing this tradition of bringing in innovation and creativity, LG’s 1st ever dual-screen smartphone: LG G8X ThinQ is now changing the status-quo and unleashing a disruption in the smartphone world.

This new smartphone from LG has two screens, and this unique concept is enabling smartphone users to be more productive, more curious, and smarter.

Find out 5 ways LG G8X ThinQ is changing the way we are using smartphones, and how the benchmark of usability and user-interface of smartphones arebeing transformed on a massive scale.


Price Comparison Is No More A Hassle

With a single screen smartphone, making price comparison is a big hassle, and most of the online shoppers just avoid comparing price due to this reason.

Imagine opening multiple apps, multiple browsers then scanning every item, noting down the price and then making a decision to buy: It sounds like torture.

LG G8X ThinQ Disruptions: Easy Price Comparison
LG G8X ThinQ Disruptions: Easy Price Comparison

But with LG G8X ThinQ, such hassles are a thing of past. You can simply open two apps at the same time, on two different screens, and then evaluate the items same time, thereby saving not only time, but also in-depth comparison in real-time.

This is a disruption to the entire activity of online shopping!

Researching & Reading Is No More A Fantasy

Those who love to read, know the pain of not being able to research a particular word or concept, right at the time of reading. 

With normal single-screen smartphones, if you wish to research while reading, then the only option left is quit reading, opening another app/website for the research, and then resume reading.

This sucks away the flow of thoughts, and the ‘zone’ is destroyed. 

But with LG G8X ThinQ, this will never happen.

Reading Becomes More Engaging With LG G8X ThinQ
Reading Becomes More Engaging With LG G8X ThinQ

You can use both the screen and conduct research while you are reading, in real-time, and in sync. 

This way, your concentration is not broken, and you will continue uninterrupted reading for a long time.

This way, LG is disrupting the very act of reading on a smartphone forever!

Seamless Chatting, Without Any Interruption

While chatting with a friend or colleague, if you need to share any important document from any other source or say a link of the map location, then the only way to move forward is quit the chat screen, and then open up another screen, copy the link, and then come back to the chat screen for sharing.

Such a killer of seamless communication!

Seamless chatting with LG G8X ThinQ
Seamless chatting with LG G8X ThinQ

This ends with LG G8X ThinQ, because now, you can share documents, links, map location and more with your friends on messenger apps, without quitting them.

All you need to do is, use dual screen, and become more productive: Open up chat messenger on one screen, and the resources on the other.

This way, LG is disrupting online communications, and bringing in a new way to chat, and engage.

Photography Will Never Be The Same Again

Say, you need to click a very important photograph, and the moment you are about to capture can be once in a hundred-year incidence.

With your single screen camera phone, you have started clicking images, and then suddenly you realise that you need to check out the effects of one of the important pics. 

Stunning photography with LG G8X ThinQ
Stunning photography with LG G8X ThinQ

What option do you have, except for quitting the camera app, and then opening that photograph for editing and after-effects?

But with LG G8X ThinQ, this won’t be the case.

With the second screen, you can implement and experiment with the after-effects and editing right at the time of clicking photographs, and doing it in real-time.

This basically changes the way photography is being done on mobiles, and it is a revolution in photography. 

Gamer’s Delight: Your Own Gamepad

If you love playing games on mobiles, then the biggest problem is the size of the screen.

Within that same screen, you will adjust the controls and also play games. This way, the gaming pad becomes so tiny that often it becomes tough to negotiate the features.

But with LG G8X ThinQ, gamers will never have to deal with this problem.

Dual-screen of this smartphone allows the gamers to create their own gamepad on one of the screens and use the other screen only for the game.

Create your own gamepad with LG G8X ThinQ
Create your own gamepad with LG G8X ThinQ

This way, the controller is always separated from the main game, and this translates to a better experience, more fun and more space.

Both console-style gamepad and vibration, gestures based game pad and the controller can be created. 

The entire experience of playing a game is transformed and disrupted, with LG G8X ThinQ.

About LG G8X ThinQ

G8X ThinQ is LG’s 1st ever dual-screen smartphone. The additional screen is detachable and equipped with 360 Degree free-stop hinge & folding design.

The phone provides a stunning visual experience with Dual 16.25 cm (6.4) OLED FullVision display with 2340 x 1080 resolution.

Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 855 Octa-Core powers this new smartphone from LG, which has 6GB RAM, and an expandable 128 GB external memory.

On the front, it has a 32MP camera, while flush-mounted rear cameras are 12MP OIS and 13 MP wide-angle camera.

With 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) and DTS:X 3D Surround sound system, users are assured of a premium audio experience.

For more information on this smartphone, you can visit here.

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