Pani Puri Vendor Designs Automatic Pani Puri Machine With Sensors: How It Works?

Ever since the dangerous COVID-19 disease has sent the world into a frenzy, the thing we Indians miss the most is the street food.

Street vendors have also been in a major loss as the entire country went under lockdown and even after. Even after the lockdown, people are quite wary of going outside and eating their favourite street food. 

An innovative pani puri vendor from Chattisgarh has come up with an automatic machine that ensures social distancing is taken care of and we get to enjoy our favourite golgappas as well!

Let’s find out how this automatic pani puri machine works!

Pani Puri Vendor In Chhattisgarh Designs Automatic Pani Puri Dispensing Machine

A pani puri seller from Raipur, Chattisgarh has designed a machine that automatically dispenes the pani that is filled inside the pani puri.

The seller is quite witty too, and has named his stall “Touch Me Not”!

His innovation was made famous by IAS officer Awanish Sharan through a tweet. Attaching a video, Sharan tweeted, “Automatic pani puri in Telibandha Raipur. Awesome jugaad.” The video shows the vendor selling pani puri without any contact.

No sooner was the video posted than it started making rounds of the internet, with as much as 3,900 likes and 600 retweets.

How Does The Automatic Pani Puri Dispensing Machine Work? 

In the video, the vendor is shown preparing the puris and handing it off to the customer. Next, the customer will only need to hold the puri under the pani dispenser which automatically fills up the puri. The vendor offers three distinct flavours of pani puri, Dhaniya Pudina, Khatta meetha, Garlic Jal Jeera, and its up to the cutomer which flavoured pani he wants in the puri.

There are sensors installed in the machine, and once the pani puri is held below the dispenser, the flavouured pani is filled in the puri. 

This makes sure that there is no need for human contact, and people can enjoy their favourite pani puri without being scared of transmitting the disease.

Prior to this, a man from Gujarat had also made the news for designing a new automatic paani puri machine that worked like an ATM and dispense pani puri. 

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