Airtel Offering Unlimited Data For All Broadband Plans, For All Customers

Airtel Offering Unlimited Data For All Broadband Plans, For All Customers
Airtel Offering Unlimited Data For All Broadband Plans, For All Customers

Reports are coming in that Airtel is offering unlimited data under all broadband plans, for all existing customers.

Although its not yet updated on Airtel website, but current evidences strongly point towards this possibility.

Is this a direct response to Jiofiber’s ‘Truely Unlimited’ plans?

Airtel Offering Unlimited Data For All Customers

As per a report by OnlyTech, Airtel will soon start offering unlimited data for all broadband plans, albeit only for existing broadband customers.

Airtel is right now 4 broadband plans: Basic, Entertainment, Premium, and VIP, and there exists data limit for every plan, based on the speed.

But soon, this will end, and every existing customer of Airtel broadband will receive unlimited data for all the plans.

Evidences Which Support This Report

Airtel has already removed the Rs 299 add-on plan for getting extra data for broadband users, and this proves that from now on, every broadband plan will have unlimited data.

Besides, Airtel has also removed free Amazon Prime from the feature benefits of the broadband plans, which further indicates that soon, Airtel can come up with a plan similar to Jiofiber, and incubate every OTT platform.

As of now, Airtel’s 4 broadband plans are:

Basic for Rs 799 with 150GB data at 100Mbps speed

Entertainment for Rs 999 with 300GB data at 200Mbps speed

Premium for 1499 with 500GB data at 300Mbps speed

VIP at Rs 3999 with unlimited data, at 1Gbps speed

But with unlimited data, every plan will have zero FUP.

Will There Be No FUP? Really?

Although Jiofiber had announced zero FUP for all broadband plans, their Terms and Conditions page reflected that there is a 3300 GB data limit, every month.

The same can be assumed for Airtel as well.

In fact, for the customers from Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh, there is a limit of 3300 GB, which we are expecting, will be implemented for their new unlimited broadband plans as well.

There has been no response from Airtel on this issue, as of now.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 


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