H1B Visa Software Engineers Offered Rs 15 Crore Salary By These IT Firms!

H1B Visa Software Engineers Offered Rs 15 Crore Salary By These IT Firms!
H1B Visa Software Engineers Offered Rs 15 Crore Salary By These IT Firms!

As per the reports, US companies are willing to pay top dollars for those on H-1B visas as they are dependent on the talent that comes with it.  

Top Paid H1B Jobs In 2020

As per the data presented in h1data.info, IT majors such as Facebook and Google are dominating the list of the top-paid jobs among H-1B applicants in software engineering roles in the first eight months of 2020.

The assumptions are derived from the site which indexes the Labor Condition Application (LCA) disclosure data.

Which is required for H-1B applications from the US department of labor (DOL).

According to this, one of the Facebook employees is being paid $2 million (Rs15 crore) had their application denied.

On the other hand, another one being paid over $1.9 million got the approval.

So far, these Silicon Valley companies have relied on H-1B workers to bridge the skills gap in America’s tech sector. 

If we see the historical data, during 2016, more than 15% of Facebook’s employees were H-1B visa-holders according to a Reuters analysis of U.S. Labor Department filings

Despite all the steps taken by Donald Trump administration in discouraging the program, the tech giants including both Facebook and Google featured amidst the giants who had 99% of their H-1B applications approved.

Average Salary For Software Engineers On H1B Visa

The above-mentioned salaries could be considered as exceptional cases in the most popular H-1B profession.

Considering the average, the average salary for 190,000 software engineers who have applied for H-1B visas was close to $100,000.

Apart from software engineers, there were other job profiles having H-1B workers in several other roles that cashed massive salaries.

Compared to this, in 2019, the average H-1B Salary varying wildly from company to company, still the salary was close to $89,779 based on the entirety of this dataset.

The average tech salary was $93,244, according to the most recent Dice Salary Survey in 2019.

Image Source – qz.com

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