Accenture Is Forcefully Firing 10,000 Indian Employees; NITES Will Take Legal Action

Accenture Is Forcefully Firing 10,000 Indian Employees; NITES Will Take Legal Action
Accenture Is Forcefully Firing 10,000 Indian Employees; NITES Will Take Legal Action

Reports are coming in that IT major Accenture is forcefully firing 10,000+ employees in India.

If an employee is not tendering resignation as ‘demanded’ by the management, they are being threatened with stopping gratuity and notice period. 

Indian Employees of Accenture are in a fix and helpless.

IT Employee Union NITES has declared that they will take legal action against Accenture, and the first shots have already been fired.

Accenture Forcefully Firing 10,000 Employees In India

Yesterday, we had reported that IT biggie Accenture will fire 5% employees globally, and this will impact Indian employees as well.

Since Accenture employees 2 lakh employees in India, 5% layoff means 10,000 employees will be asked to leave.

Accenture CEO had informed about the 5% firing protocol during a team meeting, and the management has even confirmed this. 

But the startling fact here is that, Accenture is forcefully firing employees in India.

Initially, Accenture informed that only those employees who have low performance reviews and ratings will be asked to leave.

But as per information coming in, Accenture is forcing and threatening employees to leave. In one such case, a high performing Team Leader with excellent performance ratings was asked to resign within 4 hours.

And when that employee protested, Accenture management threatened to stop notice period and deny gratuity payment, whch is clearly against labor laws.

NITES Will Take Legal Action; Complaint Filed With Labor Commissioner

After several Accenture employees approached National Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES), the IT employee union has filed a complaint with Labor Commissioner in Pune.

Harpreet Saluja, General Secretary of National Information Technology Employees Senate NITES said, “We have received complaints from employees of Accenture, Hinjewadi, Pune regarding the layoff & forcing employees to resign immediately to maintain the PROFITABILITY of business under COVID – 19 Pandemic.

NITES is highly concerned about the number of IT Employees and their families who are now at risk of survival due to this unfortunate incident. Many Employees working in the IT Industry are facing a difficult situation and are working in fear. We expect state/central government authorities to update us with a framework to tackle such situation. This issue has to be dealt on priority and with a proper action plan in place. We expect related authorities to take strict measures and set an example to avoid such insensitive behavior towards employees in future.”

Here is the letter sent by NITES to the Labor Commissioner:

Forcing employees to quit, in order to maintain profitibility and green balance sheet is unfair, and unethical.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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