Google’s New Disruption: Get A 6-Month Certificate, Get A Job! No College Degree Required

Google's New Disruption: Get A 6-Month Certificate, Get A Job! No College Degree Required
Google’s New Disruption: Get A 6-Month Certificate, Get A Job! No College Degree Required

Google has announced the launch of a selection of professional courses that teach applicants how to perform in-demand jobs.

This move can change the job-seeking landscape and future of work and higher education.

Read on to find out more about the courses, their fee structure, their benefits, and their unique features making them distinct from a college degree…

What Are Google Certificate Courses?

Google is calling these professional courses, ‘Google Career Certificates’.

They will aim the teach the job-seekers foundational skills and in turn, help them find employment. 

These courses are designed to be completed in about 6 months, unlike a college degree which takes years of study.

Google went on to say that they will treat these new courses equivalent to a four-year degree when hiring. 

What Are The Courses Google Is Offering?

The three new programs Google that is offering coupled with the median annual salary for each position (as quoted by Google), are:

  1. Project manager ($93,000)
  2. Data analyst ($66,000)
  3. UX designer ($75,000)

How Will These Courses Be Different From University Degrees?

Many students and professionals claim that universities do not teach the students the real-world skills they need to function in the workplace. At times it also leaves many in debt for years as they struggle to pay back student loans.

Google claims the programs ‘equip participants with the essential skills they need to get a job,’ with ‘no degree or prior experience required to take the courses.’ 

Each course is designed and taught by Google employees who are working in the respective fields.

How Will The Google Career Certificate Courses Benefit The Candidates?

Google claims it will prep the candidates to immediately find work in high-paying, high-growth career fields.

Kent Walker, senior vice president of global affairs at Google explained, “The new Google Career Certificates build on our existing programs to create pathways into IT support careers for people without college degrees,” 

On completion of the course, Google promises assistance in job search to the candidates. 

The company says participants can ‘opt in to share [their] information directly with top employers hiring for jobs in these fields,’ including such household names as Walmart, Best Buy, Intel, Bank of America, Hulu, and, of course, Google.

Google says it will offer ‘Hundreds of apprenticeship opportunities at Google for people completing these career certificate programs to provide real on-the-job training.’ 

Additional beginning this fall, the company will offer its IT support certificate in career and technical education high schools throughout the U.S. 

What is the Fee Structure?

Google hasn’t revealed the price structure of these courses, however, they claim to be a fraction of traditional university education. 

Google offers on Coursera, the Google IT Support Professional Certificate, which costs $49 for each month. If this rate is kept in mind, the 6-month course would cost around $300. 

Besides, Google said it would fund 1 lakh needs-based scholarships in support of the new programs.

Final Word

Recently, many companies are coming up with learning platforms to encourage fresh graduates as well as professionals to upskill themselves for the betterment of their firms as well as their employees. 

The pandemic has made us realize the importance of returns on investment when it comes to time and money. Universities falling behind in this field has caused people to seek courses to upgrade themselves.

Nowadays, all- employees and employers- have realized that the skills of an individual matter and not a degree when it comes to career growth.

Upskilling oneself is the way to not get stuck in stagnancy when it comes to one’s career.

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