Pune Beats Mumbai In Coronavirus Cases! But This City Is At #1 Position In Infections

Active covid-19 cases in Pune surpasses Mumbai. Pune conducts twice the number of Covid testings as compared to Mumbai.
Active covid-19 cases in Pune surpasses Mumbai. Pune conducts twice the number of Covid testings as compared to Mumbai.

The number of active coronavirus cases in India has surpassed a whopping number of 27 lakh.

In another surprising news, Pune surpassed Mumbai, as the city recording the highest number of coronavirus positive cases in Maharashtra.

On August 16, Pune registered 3200 new Covid positive cases, pushing Mumbai to the 2nd position with 1000-1200 new cases on a daily basis.

Pune Surpasses the Covid Case Numbers of Mumbai

Pune city has crossed the 1.3 lakh active cases mark, with Mumbai hovering at the 2nd position with 1.28 coronavirus positive cases.

Even though Delhi still has the highest number of Covid infected people with 1.52 lakh positive cases, it only has about 1000 new cases being adding to the positive population, against 3200 number in Pune.

At this rate, Pune might soon overtake Delhi as the most populated Covid case city.

Why has Pune Suddenly Been Highlighted?

Pune was among the first cities to have positive Covid cases, in the country. However, due to being smaller in size and less populated than Mumbai, it always had lesser cases as compared to the capital city.

However, the pool of Covid positive patients have suddenly spiked up in Pune because the city has been actively conducting more number of antigen tests, as compared to Mumbai.

In fact, just twice as much as compared to Mumbai and 4 times compared to Delhi.

In July, it had ordered 1 lakh antigen tests and has ordered another   lakh kits, with the surge in positive cases in the city.

Let’s Tally Numbers

As on Sunday,

  • Pune: 41,000+ active patients,
  • Mumbai: about 18,000 active cases,
  • Delhi: less than 11,000 active cases,
  • Chennai: about 11,500 active cases

In fact, as on Sunday evening,

  • diagnostic tests count in India for coronavirus crossed 3 crores.
  • Death count crossed 50,000.

States with Maximum Positive Cases

State Total Positive Cases New Cases Total Recovered Cases Number of Deaths
Maharashtra 595,865 11,111 417,123 20,037
Tamil Nadu 338,055 5,950 278,270 5,766
Andhra Pradesh 289,829 8,012 201,234 2,650
Karnataka 226,966 7,040 141,491 3,963
Delhi 152,580 652 137,561 4,196
Uttar Pradesh 154,418 4,357 100,432   2,449
West Bengal 116,498 3,066 86,771 2,428
Bihar 104,093 2,187 72,566 537
Telangana 92,255 894 70,132 703
Gujarat 78,783 1120 61496 2787

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