Oyo Employees Not Allowed To Work On Weekends! ‘Surprise Holiday’ Planned, ‘Personal Time’ During WFH

Oyo Employees Not Allowed To Work On Weekends! 'Surprise Holiday' Planned, 'Personal Time' During WFH
Oyo Employees Not Allowed To Work On Weekends! ‘Surprise Holiday’ Planned, ‘Personal Time’ During WFH

As the pandemic grows deeper roots with passage of time, workplaces from small companies to multi-national organisations have steadily realized and adapted to ‘work from anywhere’ hybrid models, so much that it has now become the ‘new normal’.

However, with such work models kicking in, the employee pool is getting more used to the term ‘burn out’, with heavy influx of work and lack of work-life balance.

To combat the work-life balance crisis and with an impetus on employee well-being, the Indian hospitality chain OYO Hotels & Homes have announced a series of initiatives to promote balance, growth and foster anxiety and stress, while working from home.

OYO’s New Work-Life Balance Initiatives

Realising the importance of a healthy mind for employees while they crank up their work vigorously amidst the pandemic environment, steadily slipping into their weekends, OYO has announced several initiatives to combat these employee problems.

5-Day Work Week

  • Starting August, OYO has shifted to a strict 5-day work week for employees across all teams.
  • During weekends and holidays, none of the employees shall be allowed to attend work calls, meetings or messages.
  • Managers will ensure that employees are taking a personal time-out and availing their holidays, besides the mandated work hours.
  • There shall be no review meetings on Mondays so that employees need not prepare for them on weekends.
  • Employees will be encouraged to schedule their personal time and silent time, for meals, house chores, or to ensure productivity, on a daily basis.

Up-skilling Employees

  • Besides focusing on promoting a sane and mindful work-life balance for employees, OYO has also invested in initiatives for upskilling and updating their work-force with the changing requirements and trends of hospitality industry, post Covid-19.
  • Such initiatives launched by OYO incluse the Data Science Academy & Young Turks programme.
  • Besides learning, employees will also be given social, on-the-job training and formal sessions.

Health and Fitness

  • The unicorn company has partnered with Cure.fit so that its employees can participate in workout sessions, for a healthy physique.
  • The employees will receive 1 year membership, while OYO will bear 50% of the fees.

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