Cancellation Policies Of Airlines Are Cruel: Find Out How Passengers Can Never Receive Refunds

Cancellation Policies Of Airlines Are Cruel: Find Out How Passengers Can Never Receive Refunds
Cancellation Policies Of Airlines Are Cruel: Find Out How Passengers Can Never Receive Refunds

As we are all aware, the COVID-19 situation that we are dealing with currently has led to many of our plans being rescheduled and flights being canceled. Many Americans are reportedly canceling or postponing their travel plans as well.

People have canceled their tickets and airlines have been flexible about the cancellation and rescheduling of tickets. However, many of the airlines aren’t giving a direct refund to the customers.

Let’s see the refund policies of the different US Airlines are right here!

American Airlines

The customers who had their flights cancelled due to the lockdown will not get the money back as a direct refund when they cancel the tickets online. 

Instead, the airline has announced that the tickets that expire between March 1, 2020, and September 20, 2020, can be used until December 30, 2021. Also, the flights can be changed by the customer but only once. However, additional fees may apply when rebooking. Also, destination changes are also applicable. 

As per reports, in case the customer cancels their trip the price of the ticket will be allotted to a later date. 

Delta Airlines

For customers who booked their tickets with this airline the trip can be modified but with an exception – in case the cost of the new ticket is more than the old ticket, the difference must be paid by the customers. Customers will be unable to change the destination as well. 

The airline also allows cancellation of tickets in which case the value of the ticket shall be instead applied to any new reservation that is done within one year from the original booking. 

Southwest Airlines

If the customer canceling their ticket is a nonrefundable one, the price of the ticket can be used by the customer until September 7, 2022. If the ticket is rebooked by the customer the original rule will apply to this situation where the price of the ticket will expire after 12 months from booking. 

However southwest offers a refund of the ticket through the original form of payment but this is applicable only on Business Select or Anytime tickets.

United Airlines

This airline allows its passengers to change or cancel their tickets. those tickets that have been booked between April 1, 2020, and August 31, 2020, will be eligible for a flight change of equal or lesser value. They also will not be any change. 

The same rules also apply to any flight ticket that has been canceled, and credits will be given to the customers to use at a later date. If the price of the old booking is lesser than the new one, the difference will have to be paid by the customer.

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