BSNL’s 4G, 5G Will Be Run By Indian Firms: ITI, Tech M Instead Of Nokia, Ericsson

BSNL's 4G, 5G Will Be Run By Indian Firms: ITI, Tech M Instead Of Nokia, Ericsson
BSNL’s 4G, 5G Will Be Run By Indian Firms: ITI, Tech M Instead Of Nokia, Ericsson

As per new reports coming in, ITI Limited and Tech Mahindra are looking to work on a pilot project for fourth generation or 4G for demonstration of high-speed data utility for BSNL. 

Additionally, they will also be working on manufacturing critical telecom equipment on a local basis which will give scope for multinational vendors like Nokia and Ericsson. 

Read on to find out the details of ITI and Tech Mahindra’s plans to work on 4G right here!

ITI And Tech Mahindra Join Hands For Pilot Project Of 4G Network For BSNL

Despite the other telecom providers moving on to the 4G network, BSNL still offers 3G services in the 2100 MHz frequency band. The state-owned telecom provider also has demanded five more minutes for launching commercial 4G services. In October 2019, the Cabinet has approved the 4G spectrum allocation under a revival package announced for BSNL. 

Considering this, the collaboration of ITI and tech Mahindra to work on the 4G solution for BSNL surely comes as a good news. 

As per the chairman of ITI, RM Agarwal, “ITI has been discussing with various leading technology companies and startups to build a Make in India framework for 4G upgradeable to 5G technology.”

He also said that state-owned ITI limited and tech Mahindra are developing plans to conduct Proof of Concept (PoC) of the 4G solution for the BSNL network. 

Agarwal also revealed that BSNL would produce the 4G and 5G eNodeB which is an element used for LTE Radio Access Network and also develop other network capabilities. 

ITI And Tech Mahindra Collaboration Reduces Hopes Of Nokia And ZTE

Recently in light of the tension at the border of India and China, the Telecom Ministry announced that BSNL, MTNL, and other private companies will not be using any Chinese equipment.

And now, under the government’s Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, both ITI and tech Mahindra have joined hands to work together in 4G and 5G networks and Smart City programs.

RK Bhatnagar, former advisor, DoT, has now said, “BSNL tender will come out only after the acceptance of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) committee, and ITI will be a key player to watch for as it leads the Atmanirbhar Bharat consortium.”

Finnish Nokia and Chinese company ZTE are suppliers of 2G and 3G equipment and were looking for some more business from BSNL includes migrating to the 4G network. However, the possibility of this now has lessened. 

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