Binod’s Saga Grips Paytm, Netflix, Tinder: 7 Funniest Memes Which Will Make You LOL!

Top 7 #Binod Memes By Netflix, Paytm, Tinder
Top 7 #Binod Memes By Netflix, Paytm, Tinder

#Binod is a trending hashtag that has taken over the social media, and there is a meme about this popping up in our feed every two seconds!

This Binod meme started making the rounds of the internet when Slayy Point, a YouTube channel posted a video on their channel roasting one Binod Tharu, who commented on YouTube videos one single similar comment: Binod. Apparently, Binod Tharu has a YouTube account, but has no videos to his credit.

This paved the way to a hashtag that was in the trending section of Twitter for a rather long time and became a meme material for the Twitterati!

Recently, Paytm hilariously changed its own name to Binod, responding to a mischievous tweet from a Twitter account.

But Paytm is not the only one! Netflix, Tinder, Swiggy, and many more are indulging in this #Binod saga and boosting their popularity on the social networking app in the process.

Top 7 Hilarious #Binod Memes By Netflix, Tinder, YouTube

Netflix, by far, has the subtlest yet quite a crafty meme on #Binod. The leading OTT platform has lined up five of its popular shows in a way that their initials together spell out Binod! Good one, Netflix!

Paytm, as we all know, sportingly changed its name for some time from Paytm to Binod when one of its followers challenged the leading e-commerce company to change its name!

Tinder, the major online dating app ended up registering Binod on the dating app! Here’s Tinder’s meme:

But it didn’t stop here! Tinder soon went on to find the perfect BAE for Binod: Binodini! Check this meme from Tinder:

YouTube, the place where it all started, posted one hilarious meme that was “not a tweet”. Here’s what YouTube came up with:

The Jaipur Police adopted the meme innovatively to promote safety while driving:

ALTBalaji, also promoting a show on their platform, tweeted this:

Whereas, for people living under a rock, this one takes the cake!

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