Cognizant Forcefully Firing Benched Employees In Kolkata Using These Shrewd Tactics

Cognizant Forcefully Firing Benched Employees In Kolkata Using These Shrewd Tactics?
Cognizant Forcefully Firing Benched Employees In Kolkata Using These Shrewd Tactics?

Once again, the cycle is repeating for Cognizant employees, this time in Kolkata.

The management of Cognizant is forcefully firing employees who are on bench and/or have received 4th rating in the last financial year.

The strategy of putting undue pressure on the employees and indiscriminately firing them is not fair, and not humane. Especially during the pandemic, wherein the employer should help and support their loyal employees.

Note here, that Cognizant has already fired 9000 employees in the last 100 days, which is the highest in the world.

Cognizant Kolkata Forcefully Firing Benched Employees 

We have received evidence and proof of how Cognizant employees are being forcefully fired in Kolkata, employing shrewd tactics and inhumane methodology.

Once the employee is placed in the bench (which had been intentionally reduced to 35 days since January), they are asked to look for projects and/or upgrade themselves, which is near to impossible in 35 days.

Even if an employee is eligible to get transferred to a new project, the management doesn’t allow the managers to pick them from the resource pool of the benched employees, thereby putting more pressure on them to resign.

After 35 days, the employee is offered a separation package, and if that’s not accepted, then given an extension of 6 days.

If the employee doesn’t resign and the separation package is not accepted, then the employee’s salary is withheld, leaving them with no other option than to resign.

Enforced PIP Which Has Been Designed To Fail

In the case of employees receiving 4th rating, the management offers them a severance package of 2 months, and medical insurance of 4-month after a PIP program (which has been designed to fail them).

If the employee doesn’t accept the separation package, then the HR indirectly threatens the employees with back-listing and negative reviews, which puts undue pressure on the employees, and they are forced to resign.

As per the evidence shared with us by Forum for IT Employees (FITE) – Kolkata and Bidhannagar, Cognizant management is using the pandemic as an excuse to stop salaries of these employees, and remove them from payroll forcefully.

We have been informed by FITE Kolkata that they have already filed petition with Labor Commissioner, Chief Minister, and a dispute under Industrial Dispute Act 2000.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 


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