Chinese Firms Suffer Rs 4000 Crore Loss Due To Make In India Rakhis! What’s Next

Chinese Firms Suffer Rs 4000 Crore Loss Due To Make In India Rakhis! What's Next
Chinese Firms Suffer Rs 4000 Crore Loss Due To Make In India Rakhis! What’s Next

Jai Shree Ram!  The auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan 2020 has brought up a lot of positive vibes during the gloomy times of Covid-19 virus spread as Indians took the first step towards the Aatmanirbhar Bharat by manufacturing rakhis this year.

With the violent standoff between India and China in Ladakh’s Galwan area that resulted in calling for the boycott of Chinese products by Indian consumers and traders, has finally managed to break the prospects of China-made rakhis coming to India. 

Huge Business Opportunity For Indians

As per the reports, India has given a huge blow to China-made rakhis causing a huge loss of over Rs 4,000 crores during the Rakhi Festival 2020. 

With this move, not only India has broken the myth, but also come out with flying colors by successfully boycotting Chinese products.

Prior to this, on June 10, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) had given a call for celebrating Rakhi as “Hindustani Rakhi” this year which became a massive success. 

To make it possible, over 1 crore, Rakhis were made across the country with the cooperation of CAIT.

Further, they have utilized Indian goods and made by hard-working women belongs to the commercial sectors, at homes, and in Anganwadis.

Not only that, but a considerable variety of new-designer Rakhis were also made from Indian goods and on top of that, not a single rakhi was imported from China this year.

According to the National President of CAIT, BC Bhartia, and National General Secretary Praveen Khandelwal, an estimation of around 50 crore rakhis are sold every year that generates a revenue of Rs 6000 crores.

Out of that around Rs 4000 crore worth China-made Rakhis or products were being imported in the past many years. 

What’s Next?

After Rakhi, there is more in store for us as festival season is about to kickoff, Bhartia and Khandelwal said that traders from all over the country will start the “China Quit India” campaign on August 9 confirming as the next step to boycott Chinese goods.

According to this plan, the traders will gather at more than 800 locations across the country and shout the slogan of ‘China Quit India’. 

It seems a new era is starting as after a long wait of 500 years, the foundation laying ceremony of the Ram temple in Ayodhya on August 5, today.

The traders and Ram Bhakt all over the country will light up lamps or clatter bells in their shops and homes to show their devotion to ultimate deity Shree Ram.

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