Trakin Tech Youtube Channel Becomes 5 Million Strong Family: Grows By 400% In 22 Months!

Trakin Tech Youtube Channel Becomes 5 Million Strong Family
Trakin Tech Youtube Channel Becomes 5 Million Strong Family

We are proud and super excited to announce that TrakinTech Youtube Channel has breached the 5 million subscribers mark!

We were already 2nd Largest Indian Tech Youtube Channel, and but this feat of hitting the 5 million or 50 Lakh subscriber mark is indeed special.

Infact, we grew by a whopping 400% in the last 22 months!

Sharing his joy over this occasion, Arun Prabhudesai, founder and Chief-Youtuber at TrakinTech said, “This moment has been made possible due to the unconditional love and affection of our esteemed fans, which is actually our family. We strive hard, extra hard to present the best reviews, opinions and news about technology and smartphones, and we will continue to do so. A big round of applause for our entire team at TrakinTech, and a special, very special Thank you to all our 50 lakh fans who supported us and encouraged us beyond our expectations. We will continue to soar high!”

5 Million Fans: A Short Recap 

Way back in July, 2017, that is just 3 years back, we had barely crossed the 10,000 subscribers mark, and we had celebrated the occasion.

In September, 2017, that is after 2 months, we hit 100,000 subscriber mark, and we were overjoyed over this jump.

Exactly after a year, we hit 1 million subscriber mark, and we were determined to make it 5 million within 2 years.

2 million was breached in May 2019, while 3 million mark was breached after 6 months in November, 2019.

In May, 2020, amidst the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, we hit 4 million mark, and within 2 months, we added 1 million new subscribers and breached 5 million subscriber mark.

This way, we grew 400% in the last 22 months, and added 1 million new fans in just 1 month.

This is a new record, and a new beginning for us at TrakinTech.

We would like to express our gratitude and our thanks to all our readers, and all our fans for making this day possible.

Keep Trakin!

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