All Tata Sky Broadband Users Will Get 3Mbps Speed Even After Finishing Data Limit!

Are you a user of Tata Sky Broadband services?

If yes, then we have some good news for you.

However, let us just start by acknowledging how the telecom and DTH sectors have upped their game by pushing the boundaries and making the best of what the pandemic had to offer.

Telecom sector companies have been striving hard to work at their maximum efficiency, when the announced pandemic made norms like ‘Work from Home’ normal.

We have covered a plethora of stories on all the changes that telcos and DTH companies have changed at such times.

Today, we will be talking about some great news, coming straight for those using Tata Sky Broadband services.

Data Speed for Broadband Connection Increases

Tata Sky Broadband has now started to offer increased speeds, of upto 3MBPS on crossing the fair usage policy, FUP limit on your unlimited broadband plans.

The existing post fair usage policy speed for unlimited customers is 2MBPS.

What does this Mean?

This means that once an unlimited data plan Tata Sky user finishes his/her FUP limit, they can continue using the broadband connection, now at 3 MBPS, up from 2 MBPS.

Please note that this new update is only applicable to users using unlimited data plans priced between Rs 700 to Rs 1,900 a month.

Update is Available on Broadband Website

Tata Sky has not announced this rise in speed officially but the update in increased speeds post FUP limits is visible on its broadband website. 

The company says that the new FUP speed (the 3Mbps) will kick in once users have consumed 3,300GB data on the 300Mbps plan and 1,500GB data on the other unlimited plans.

As a matter of fact, Tata Sky Broadband started to offer a new 300Mbps speed plan in May this year and the company offers four unlimited packages across most of the metro cities in India.

To give you a gist,

  • Rs 950 plan that offers data speed upto 25Mbps
  • Rs 1,050 plan that offers data speed upto 50 Mbps
  • Rs 1150 plan that offers data speed upto 100 Mbps
  • a flagship plan costing Rs 1,900 and offers upto 300Mbps speed

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