US Govt Removes Ban On Air India; Allows Uninterrupted Flights Between India & USA

US Govt Removes Ban On Air India; Allows Uninterrupted Flights Between India & USA
US Govt Removes Ban On Air India; Allows Uninterrupted Flights Between India & USA

In a welcome move, US Govt has removed the ongoing restrictions and ban on Air India flights operating between India and US.

Since the restriction has been removed, we can expect more flights between India and US, and hence, more passengers can now travel between these two nations.

A big, positive development.

But, why this sudden change?

US Govt Removes Restrictions On Air India Flights

US Govt’s Department of Transportation has issued a new order, which removes all existing bans and restrictions imposed on Air India, since June 22nd, 2020.

The new order from Department of Transportation says, “In that connection, recent positive developments have led the Department to determine at this time that the public interest calls for removal, until further order of the Department, of the charter prior approval requirement that we had imposed on Air India.”

This means that Air India can now fly interrupted flights between US and India, albeit as part of the arrangements made under the air bubble.

Why Were The Restrictions Imposed?

On June 22, US Govt and the Department of Transportation had imposed severe restrictions on the operations of Air India flights to and from USA.

As per that order, Air India was ordered to inform US Govt about any flights to/from US, atleast 30 days in advance. 

This impaired and restricted Air India from running seamless operations and flights from both to and from US. 

This restriction was imposed since US Govt believed that Indian Govt is intentionally stopping US airlines from operating flights to India, and deliberately creating a situation wherein Air India is only authorized to run flights between US and India. 

This was declared as discriminatory by US Govt, as their order stated (June 22): “We are taking this action because the Government of India (GoI) has impaired the operating rights of U.S. carriers and has engaged in discriminatory and restrictive practices with respect to U.S. carrier services to and from India.”

But What Changed?

Few days back, Civil Aviation Ministry Hardeep Singh Puri announced that United Airlines from US has been allowed to operate flights from July 17th till July 31st, and around 18 flights will be allowed between India and US and vice-versa.

Most probably, this gesture from the India Govt was well received by the US Govt, and they decided to allow Air India to carry on uninterrupted flights to US and back.

Overall, this is great news for Indian passengers, who wish to travel to US or come back to India from US.

As per the leading travel portal LiveFromALounge, more than 180 flights between US and India can be launched by Air India, in the coming days.

You can find this new order issued by Department of Transportation right here.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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