Working From Home? 5 New Allowances Which You Deserve For Your Hard Work

Working From Home? 5 New Allowances Which You Deserve For Your Hard Work
Working From Home? 5 New Allowances Which You Deserve For Your Hard Work

With the new era, work from home (WFH) is the new normal and soon different organizations will be competing with each other in trying to become the company that provides the best benefits.

With the change of setup, it is natural to change the benefits and allowances offered by companies will also see a change.

Not only that, but the employees may also need to demand a new set of allowances from their employers.

With this new era, the kind of allowances are also changing to have a better setup for remote workers and here is the list of some of those requirements.

1. Internet And Hardware Technology

Without technology, it is almost impossible to start working from home as it is the basic requirement.

Basically, high-speed internet and laptop/computer is the backbone of this setup and without this, it’s not possible to work.

But coming to reality, in tier-II and tier-III Indian cities, a steady internet connection or a steady electricity connection is an issue.

Here organizations cannot solve the electricity issue, but certainly, they can help in providing the necessary technological infrastructure.

Which mainly includes monitors, laptops, printers and reimbursement for mobile bills incurred by the employees as a part of work.

This setup also contributes to a one-time expenditure for the employers.

2.Infrastructure Or Hardware and Furniture

Having a different study at home with laptop or computer tables and chairs was not the first thing in Indian households till now.

But with this new normal, it has become an important requirement for employees.

So, companies will have to see that the needs of their employees are met and furniture and hardware allowance may be a one-time offer made by companies.

This will definitely help in setting a comfortable and hassle-free work environment for working from home.

3.Alliance For Food And Snacks

While working from home, the employee has also catered to additional responsibilities especially those living alone as they have to arrange food for themselves.

Which in earlier cases was easily available at the office cafeteria. 

So, the companies may have to provide for meal allowances, which could be a fixed amount every day, so that employees can order food without having to waste time cooking if they find it difficult to do so.

4.Laundry And Household Care allowance

While working from home, not only meals, employees are also responsible for the day to day chores like cleaning and laundry.

As remote employees also have had to take care of these activities by themselves during the lockdown. 

On top of that, those living with families also have to care for children and elderly parents, which could have otherwise been spent on completing office work.

This means for employees, double the work and stress.

So, to compensate or lighten all this trouble, a part of the cost of the household help can be taken care of by companies. 

5.Entertainment And Relaxation Allowance

Finally the last but not the least, a recreational or stress buster allowance which can be anything which helps in these challenging times. 

It could be a Netflix allowance, an Amazon Prime membership, or even an Audible or Kindle membership.

Organizations may get creative and offer reimbursement to employees seeking some recreational escape from office work.

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