Alert For PUBG Players: You Cannot Cheat Because PUBG Has These New Mechanisms To Stop Unfair Game

Popular videogame PUBG has now launched an anti-cheat measure that will ensure that no one takes advantage of the Spectate Mode.

How does the new anti cheat measure work in PUBG? Let’s find out!

Anti Cheat Measure Implement By PUBG Mobile Against Cheaters

Apparently, as revealed by the developers, players have been taking advantage of the Spectate Mode to cheat by protecting in game enemy players and get an upper hand in the game. 

Through the new anti cheat measure implemented in the game, spectators will get to see only the things that are available for the players to see. This will prevent the spectators from pinpointing the location of the enemies. 

In addition to that, the “one-shot kill” cheat issue has also been fixed as confirmed by the developers of the game as well. 

PUBG mobile also implemented a new peer review mechanism in the spectate mode. This peer review mechanism will check if a particular player is visible to the host of the game in real time and also decide whether the data should be transmitted to the spectator or not. 

As revealed by the developers on the website there will be three factors on the Spectating System: the host, game server, and the spectator. It was observed that two devices were used to pinpoint the enemy location. 

As per reports, “The cheating user will use two mobile phones. The host will play the match normally and get the spectator to use an x-ray vision plug-in to cheat.” 

Henceforth the game server will be able to ensure if the player is visible to the host in real time. If not the location of all the other players also not be transmitted to the spectators. 

Cheaters In The Game To Be Banned For 10 Years: Developers Of PUBG

Developers have also revealed that game data will not be modified by cheaters as the new anti cheat mechanism monitors all the data in real time. This also guarantees the security and reliability of the proposal. 

Press release was also issued buy PUBG mobile developers which clearly states that the ongoing cheat that kills players by one shot and also in whats the screen has been fixed. they also specify that anyone who is caught cheating will be issued a 10 year ban from the game. 

As per reports, this new mechanism is a part of the ‘Project: Ban Pan’ campaign which was launched last year. 

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