Wipro Books Entire Flight To Bring Back 500 Employees From US; Find Out Why?

Wipro Books Entire Flight To Bring Back 500 Employees From US; Find Out Why?

Wipro Books Entire Flight To Bring Back 500 Employees From US; Find Out Why?

After Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys and Tech Mahindra, Wipro is all set to bring back its 500 employees in the US, UK and Australia via chartered special flights whose visas are about to expire or have expired.

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Wipro Working With Vande Bharat Mission To Bring Back Its Employees!

Saurabh Govil, Wipro’s President and Chief Human Resources Officer, told TOI,  “A special flight carrying over 100 employees from New York landed in Bengaluru on Tuesday (July 14). We are also chartering flights to bring back our employees from London and Germany.”

Govil highlighted that Wipro is working with Vande Bharat mission to bring back some of its staff too. He said, “We bring back employees every quarter. But this time around, we had a backlog as flights weren’t operational.”

Besides Wipro, other Indian IT giants including TCS, Infosys and Tech Mahindra have also brought back their employees facing similar concerns.

Tata Consultancy Serviceshas brought back 500 employees from the US. TCS’ Global HR Head Milind Lakkad said as many as 900 employees have been repatriated.  Infosys also brought back 200 employees from the US, while Tech Mahindra has brought 210 employees via a special chartered flight from Dallas, Texas to Hyderabad – which landed on July 14.

Wipro’s Recruitments!

However, Govil denied that disruption to the business due to the temporary suspension of H-1B visa. He stated,  “We have over 70%  localisation in the US and do not see big disruption or an impact right now. The company will hire from campuses this year in a staggered manner.” 

In January, Wipro had said it will hire 12,000 posts via campus placements in India, but the process seemed to have been hampered due to the current pandemic situation. 

The company claims it will recruit from campuses this year, but refuses to disclose the numbers. Govil added, “We have honoured all the offers made last year. However, onboarding will be staggered.”

On July 14, Wipro posted a flat 0.11% year-on-year (YoY) growth in net profit at Rs 2,390.40 crore for the Q1 that ended on June 30.

However, in these unpredictable COVID-19 times, the profits will depend on deals and project visibility.

Wipro has already deferred increments. Govil said a series of actions including lowering subcontracting expenses, reduced hiring and shutting down some global offices had helped improve the operating margin.

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