No CBSE Student Has ‘Failed’ In 2020: This Is Why ‘Fail’ Has Been Removed From Mark sheet

No CBSE Student Has 'Failed' In 2020: This Is Why 'Fail' Has Been Removed From Marksheet

No CBSE Student Has ‘Failed’ In 2020: This Is Why ‘Fail’ Has Been Removed From Marksheet

A refreshing move by the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) has been welcomed by the people amidst the negative climate all around the globe surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

CBSE class 12th results were announced on July 13 and the education board has omitted the word ‘FAIL’ from the mark sheet of the students.

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The Unknown Impact Of The Word ‘FAIL’!

As per the marking scheme of the CBSE, when a student secures less than 33% in two subjects in class 10th  examination, it is written as ‘COMPARTMENTAL’ in the marksheet. If there are more than two subjects, the marksheet reads ‘FAILED’

For class XII students, securing less than 33% in one subject is written as ‘COMPARTMENTAL’ and if there are more, ‘FAILED’ is mentioned in the marksheet.

CBSE highlighted that the board exams especially of class 12 puts a lot of pressure and mental burden on the students. Coupled with seeing the word ‘FAIL’ or ‘COMPARTMENTAL’ written on the marksheet can leave a lasting impact on the mental health of the students.

The word ‘FAILED’ in itself wreaks havoc on a student’s morale as it heavily affects how the child sees himself and his future prospects. 

These words have a full and final implication on them, which makes the student not able to see anything beyond those one word of four letters: FAIL.

Now that we have used these words so many times in the article, think how you feel? Feeling the negative impact of this word? Now think how the student must feel after giving his all!

CBSE aims to enhance the zest and motivation to learn among students.

What Has Been The Word ‘FAIL’ Been Replaced With?

In February, CBSE decided to replace these hard-hearted words in a bid to lessen the post-result pressure and mental strain. In a way this will psychologically tackle the issue at hand. 

According to reports, the CBSE had ordered regional offices, educationists and school principles to find out 4 alternative terms which can be used in the marksheets, instead of ‘FAIL’ and ‘COMPARTMENTAL’.

The education board has replaced the word ‘FAIL’ with ‘ESSENTIAL REPEAT’ in the report card.

This move aims to enable students to view these results as an opportunity to take control of their life and remove the impact of the ruthless wods on a child’s psyche.

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