Attention Telecom Providers: Your Customer Demands OTT Bundled With Mobile, Broadband Plans

Attention Telecom Providers: Your Customer Demands OTT Bundled With Mobile, Broadband Plans
Attention Telecom Providers: Your Customer Demands OTT Bundled With Mobile, Broadband Plans

OTT or Over The Top platforms have ignited a revolution in the entertainment industry worldwide, and especially in India.

Leading OTT players like Netflix, Zee5, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and others are coming up with enticing, and quality web series, exclusive movies on their platforms, and attracting more and more users every day.

But, there is one big problem of spending money here: If you like quality content, and wish to access say top 5 OTT platforms today, is what you need to pay (assuming you subscribe to the minimum plan):

Netflix: Rs 200/month

Zee5: Rs 99/month (Rs 999/year)

Amazon Prime: Rs 129/month (Rs 999/year)

Hotstar + Disney VIP: Rs 399/year

Hotstar + Disney Premium: Rs 299/month (Rs 1499/year)

SonyLIV: Rs 299/month (Rs 999/year)

This comes out to Rs 1043 per month expenditure. Even with 50% of the subscriptions, the user may end up paying Rs 500 per month or Rs 6000 per year on accessing digital content on mobile. For accessing content on smart TV and laptop, there is additional charges for Netflix. 

What is the solution here?

OTT Bundled With Telecom Services Is The New Mantra

Telecom services are a must for accessing digital content via OTT apps, and if someone provides bundled services of telecom plus OTT, then that’s the clear winner here.

A user will need to anyhow spend on their telecom service providers, and if the OTT apps are bundled with them, then not only it saves money but also proves to be a great convenience: The user is paying at one single source, and getting telecom and OTT both.

And it’s working as well.

Indian Users Are Demanding OTT + Telecom Bundled Services

As per research conducted by Amdocs and Ovum, it was revealed that more and more users are inclining towards the bundled packages from telecom service providers.

Here are the highlights:

  • 44% of the respondents admit that bundled OTT apps is the main reason why they are willing to spend more on their mobile and broadband plans
  • 56% of the respondents are subscribing to more than one OTT platform at any given time
  • 42% of the respondents admitted that no single OTT platform is able to satisfy their hunger for content
  • 47% of the respondents will NEVER switch their telecom provider, if they get their favorite OTT platform bundled
  • 30% will not blink an eye while changing their telecom provider, if they are getting a better bundle package elsewhere
  • 50% will happily pay for the OTT service, if there is a discount/deal with their telecom operator

The writing is clearly on the wall: Telecom users are demanding and expecting a bundled service from their telecom operator, and they are willing to pay for the OTT apps as long as they are getting a bundled service. 

Bundled Packages From Airtel Vs Jio Vs Vodafone-Idea

As of now, all the three leading telecom service providers are offering bundled services for OTT apps, albeit in a limited way, and with fewer options.

Here is what you can get today:

Airtel Postpaid: Free ZEE5 and Amazon Prime with Rs 499 and above plans

Airtel Broadband: Free ZEE5 and Amazon Prime with Rs 999 and above plans

JioFiber: Free ZEE5, Hotstar+Disney, along with VOOT, AltBalaji, HoiChoi, SonyLIV

Jio Postpaid: Free Hotstar+Disney with a special plan of Rs 401

Vodafone-Idea Postpaid: Free Zee5 with Rs 399 and Free ZEE5, Amazon Prime with Rs 499 plan and above | Free Netflix with Rs 1099 plan

The Future Of Indian Telecom & OTT?

The OTT industry is still at a nascent stage, and telecom providers in India are trying to understand the data demand, and the dynamics of generating more ARPU, without breaking their users’ trust and loyalty.

By combining OTT services, and telecom services, the industry will evolve into a new age of bundled services, where digital content will pave the path towards higher ARPU, more revenues and more profits for both telecom service providers and OTTs.

In short, bundled services of OTT and data will inspire the consumer to choose their telecom service provider in the future. 

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