First Time Ever: Hyundai Creta Beats Kia Seltos To Become #1 SUV In India!

Hyundai Creta Beats Kia Seltos To Become #1 SUV
Hyundai Creta Beats Kia Seltos To Become #1 SUV

Kia Motors’ popular Seltos is no longer the favorite car of the public – Hyundai Creta has beaten Kia Seltos to win the title of the top selling SUV in the month of June.

Find out how many units of Kia Seltos and Hyundai Creta were sold right here!

Kia Seltos Sells 7114 Units, Observes Boost In Sales Despite Low Demand

Kia Seltos has managed to win more hearts in quite a short period of time, given that it was launched in August 2019. However, Hyundai’s SUV has beaten Kia Seltos’ sale by a rather thin margin. 

As per reports more than 7000 units sold by both the SUV is in the month of June. This high sale was observed despite the lockdown imposed due to the coronavirus, and the significant reduction in demand for cars. 

Kia Motors sold 7114 units of Kia Seltos, whereas the number was 1611 in May 2020. The boost in the demand is quite apparent!

Kookhyun Shim, Managing Director and CEO of Kia Motors India said, “While the pandemic refuses to subside, the country is somehow trying to sustain and prepare itself to live with the COVID-19 effects. Last few months have been testing for the consumers as well as the industry.”

Kia Motors had put up only two 2 products on offer in India and yet managed to sell 7275 units in June in the domestic market. A majority of the credit for this would go to the sale of the Kia Seltos SUV. 

Hyundai SUV Creta Sells 7207 Units; Diesel Variant Prefered Over Petrol

On the other hand, Kia’s competition Hyundai SUV Creta has managed to sell 7207 units. Whereas, the company managed to sell as much as 3212 units of the new Creta SUV.

Reportedly, Hyundai introduced the Creta in a modified version which helped boost the demands of the car impressively. In fact the company managed to clock more than 40000 bookings for the new Hyundai Creta.

Hyundai Creta diesel variant has pulled in customers more than the petrol variant managed to. The petrol variant of Creta made up for only 33% of the total sales. 

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