Unlock 2.0 Unleashed: These Activities, Places Banned Across India

Unlock 2.0 Unleashed: These Activities, Places Banned Across India
Unlock 2.0 Unleashed: These Activities, Places Banned Across India

Govt of India has issued directives for Unlock 2.0 for the whole country. Under Unlock 1.0, some business activities and commercial establishments were allowed to be opened, and more focus was put on the containment zones.

Now, Unlock 2.0 has bee unleashed for the nation, and more rules are relaxed.

But still, some of the activities and places are banned across the nation.

These new rules under Unlock 2.0 are applicable till July 31st.

Unlock 2.0: What Is Still Closed?

  • Schools, colleges, educational institutions are still closed. Only online education mode is allowed
  • International air travel is still banned. Exceptions are allowed, but for that the passengers need permission from Ministry of Home Affairs or MHA
  • All type of Social and political events, along with sports and entertainment, academic and religious events are banned. This means no concerts or seminars or such events
  • All cinema halls, theaters and still closed. This means no new movie can be released in the cinema, and OTT releases of such movies will happen
  • Night Curfew time has been set between 10PM to 5AM, across India. However, state govt will have the final call. Earlier, it was between 9PM to 5AM.
  • Domestic flights has resumed in some sectors, so has the trains in limited numbers, for ferrying migrants. Till August 12th, all trains are stopped anyways.
  • Cinema halls, gymnasiums, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres, bars, auditoriums and similar places will be shut down
  • Interstate movement of trucks will be allowed.

Important Facts You Should Know About Lockdown Under Unlock 2.0

  • Lockdown hasn’t been cancelled. In the Containment Zones, full-fledged lockdown will be continued with full force, and only essential goods will be allowed to be sold.
  • Except for medical supplies movement and essential goods movement, normal movement of public is prohibited in such containment zones
  • However, the final call will be with the local district administration, and their decisions will have to be mandated as per the Health Ministry Guidelines.

And, today at evening 4, PM Modi will address the nation. 

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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