Covid-19 Effect: These 6 Countries Will Pay You To Travel; Get Free Stay, Free Tickets & More!

Covid-19 Effect: These 6 Countries Will Pay You To Travel; Get Free Stay, Free Tickets & More!
Covid-19 Effect: These 6 Countries Will Pay You To Travel; Get Free Stay, Free Tickets & More!

The entire country has been confined to their homes so that there is no contact between them and the disease doesn’t claim any more lives. A lot of industries have been severely impacted by the lockdown, most of which is the traveling industry. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has suspended the entire traveling industry as the disease requires a lot of social distancing to curb the spreading. All the modes of travel, including international flights, have been halted to help limit the spread. 

However, there are some countries that might actually pay you for coming to visit them once the entire situation subsides. 

Yes, you read that right! Countries such as Italy, Britain, Japan, Bulgaria, Mexico, and Cyprus have come up with interesting offers for attracting tourists to come visit them. 

Find out all the details about the schemes that these countries are offering right here!


Italy: Get Free Stay

The largest island in the Mediterranean sea Sicily is is offering its visitors a scheme where a part of their stay will be paid for by Sicily. The offer includes that for every 3 nights a person stays at the hotel, the charges for one night will be paid for them. Additionally, museums and archaeological entry tickets will also be given to visitors. Also,  half of the plane ticket charges will also be paid by Sicily. 

Japan: Get Discounted Tickets

As per reports, the Japanese government will be painting for half the fare of the plane ticket of their tourists will be paid for so that they could come and visit the country for cheap. The country will probably offer other incentives and might also subsidize the other travel expenses.

Mexico: Get Free Stay

As per the website, the Association of Hotels in Cancun (AHCP) has offered a ‘Come to Cancun 2×1’ project, wherein, if two people are paid for, when will be for free. There is another project ‘Come to Cancun x2’, which will offer two free nights for every stupid nights. Intentionally some discount will also be given on the plane ticket when travelling with a companion. 

Bulgaria: Freebies

Bulgaria is offering visitors some freebies if they visit the country after the COVID-19 lockdown These freebies include free access to some specific beaches, free use of sun lounges and umbrellas too.

Cyprus: Free Food, Lodging

Cyprus has a different offer then the other countries are offering. If visitors that arrive at the Cyprus airport and test positive for COVID-19, the person will be given free care whereas the costs of lodging, food, and drink of the families or friends of the patient will be taken care of by the Government.

Britain: Get Free Cash

The Visit Britain boss Patricia Yates is offering a unique offer to  the citizens of the United Kingdom. As per Sun Online Travel, Brits will be given money to enjoy a holiday at home! Yates said, “So we could be looking at marketing campaigns or yes, you could give money straight to people and incentivise them to holiday at home.”

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