This Is What Indians Ordered On Swiggy During Lockdown

Biryani Is India's #1 Dish During Lockdown Craving; Cakes, Icecream Beat Gulab Jamun At #2 (Swiggy Data)
Biryani Is India’s #1 Dish During Lockdown Craving; Cakes, Icecream Beat Gulab Jamun At #2 (Swiggy Data)

The lockdown has not impacted the eating habits of people in India at all! Swiggy has revealed the trends of online food ordering that have been observed in the duration of the lockdown. 

While most of the industries were shut down during the lockdown, some select restaurants stayed open and made sure people were fed. Swiggy, Zomato stayed functional, delivering safe and secure food items to the people who ordered them.

Find out what dishes people have ordered on Swiggy during the lockdown right here!

Swiggy Reveals Biryani Ordered The Most; Cakes, Icecreams, Pastries Come In Close Second

Swiggy has revealed the trends noted by the popular online food delivery app. Swiggy said that Biryani was ordered the most in 2020, which was the number one in 2019 as well. The app sold 95 biryanis in every 5 minutes in 2019. 

This was followed by cakes sweets and ice creams. Looks like people developed a huge sweet tooth during the lockdown!

Swiggy’s Chief Operating Officer Vivek Sunder said, “People are ordering many more cakes and sweets and ice-creams during the lockdown era than they ever did. Which if you think about it is good for everybody. They are usually expensive and nicely profitable for the restaurant and even for us it is easy, nice and easy, it’s packed and so on and so forth.”

Why The Sudden Increase In Demand For Ice Cream, Cakes, and Sweets?

Swiggy thinks that the increase in the demand for ice cream cakes and sweets isn’t because of the weather and is probably because of the lockdown and people have been treating themselves during this depressing time. Swiggy has come to this conclusion based on their experience for the past couple of years.

As per Swiggy, the trend for cooking and posting on social media has dwindled down and was balanced out by ordering ice creams and cakes and pastries. Before the lockdown began, the most ordered dessert was the Gulab Jamun, with as much as 17.6 lakh orders clocked for it in 2019.

In 2019, chicken biryani, masala dosa, paneer butter masala, chicken fried rice, mutton biryani, chicken dum biryani, veg fried rice, veg biryani, tandoori chicken and dal makhani were the dishes that were ordered the most. 

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