‘Work From Home’ Is Hampering Productivity; ‘Work Near Home’ To Be The New Mantra For IT Firms!

'Work From Home' Is Hampering Productivity; 'Work Near Home' To Be The New Mantra For IT Firms!
‘Work From Home’ Is Hampering Productivity; ‘Work Near Home’ To Be The New Mantra For IT Firms!

With ‘Work from home’ being the new normal, Kerala government has now come up with an efficient and economical options for IT companies and employers, the ‘Work near Home’ model.

The project is expected to be rolled out by October 2020 in 100 towns across Kerala in the first phase.

Let’s learn more about this.

Work-Near-Home Model

The Kerala government has decided to set up the Work- Near-Home regime for employees who are facing miscellaneous problems, right from power connection hurdles to psychological issues, while working from home.

Various work related hurdles and issues such as power connection and hardware issues, psychological issues caused due to various social stigma and family compulsions, have given rise to poor productivity levels, even after the second and third month of the lockdown.

Owing to this factor, to improve the performance of the employees working in such hard times, the Kerala govt has decided to roll out the Work Near Home system.

What will this System Provide?

Resorts, homestays and hotels with large spaces that are kept unused due to the lockdown, will be earmarked for this purpose.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, while briefing about this regime, stated that “Work near Home” facilities will provide a key role in solving the series of challenges faced by the employees currently opting for Work at Home facility.

Meanwhile, any firm requiring a standardised office space can avail these facilities at a price as per the usage by the IT department.

The CM also added that this facility established by the government in collaboration with Kerala IT parks can help in resolving issues like net connectivity, power disruption and unavailability of laptops at employees’ homes, which has affected the productivity of work.

More on This

There has been a great response on this idea from top employers and IT professionals, about the government providing a workspace which showers employees with an ‘Office-like-atmosphere’, provided with an internet connection and the basic infrastructure.

This project will enable the ex-pats, banks and other interested parties to channelize their funds to a productive avenue and capitalise from the low real estate prices in Kerala.

Such spaces’ construction work will cost Rs. 2000 per square feet approximately while the blueprint and the interior design of the work spaces are provided by the Institute of Indian Interior Designers.

In fact, the IT parks in Kerala have already started to identify work spaces of up to 3000 to 4000 square feet, for this purpose.


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