Redmibook Laptops With iCore 3/5 Can Launch For Rs 20,000 Or Less In India (Rumors)

Redmibook Laptops With iCore 3/5 Can Launch For Rs 20,000 Or Less In India (Rumors)
Redmibook Laptops With iCore 3/5 Can Launch For Rs 20,000 Or Less In India (Rumors)

As per some rumors coming in from trusted sources, Redmibook Laptops from the Xiaomi camp can soon launch for less than Rs 20,000, having Intel iCore 3 and iCore 5 processors, albeit with older generation.

How true are these rumors?

Mi Notebooks Too Costly? Wait For Redmibook Laptops!

As per TechPP’s Tech Auntyji, Xiaomi may soon launch a new series of affordable and power-packed Redmibook laptops.

If we believe the rumors, then these affordable laptops can be launched at a starting price of Rs 20,000 or even lower, and the maximum price can be Rs 30-35,000 for the higher variants.

These laptops can have iCore 3 and iCore 5 processors and target the budget segment of laptop users.

Tech Auntyji said, “From what my sources tell me, they will be manufactured in India, and will also be very different from those launched in China.”

When Can These Be Launched?

If the rumors are indeed true, then these laptops from Redmi brand, Redmibook can be launched in and around Independence Day, that is August 15th.

These laptops are expected to have a range of colorful textures, and a lot of USB ports, along with 8-10 hours of battery life in a single charge.

Costing less than Rs 20,000, these laptops from Redmi brand can cause quite a stir in the market, if they are indeed planned for Indian market.

Alternatives For Mi Notebook?

Xiaomi recently launched Mi Notebook 14 series in India, and there has been some interesting comments and observations about these.

Especially the price, which starts at Rs 41,999 for 256GB storage, and goes upto Rs 59,999 for i7 variant.

Hence, this series of Mi Notebook 14 is clearly targeted at the higher-end of consumers, and Redmibook series of laptops can be the perfect alternative for the lower-end consumers, who are looking at affordable laptops at the range of Rs 25,000.

There has been no confirmation or denial from Xiaomi. We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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