IT Firms Delaying Onboarding Of New Hires: Upto 400 Freshers In Wipro, Delloite Still Waiting

IT Firms Delaying Onboarding Of New Hires: Upto 400 Freshers In Wipro, Delloite Still Waiting
IT Firms Delaying Onboarding Of New Hires: Upto 400 Freshers In Wipro, Delloite Still Waiting

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, and subsequent lockdown across the nation, IT hiring has been greatly impacted.

As per a report by ET, several IT companies in India are delaying onboarding of new employees, and the candidates who have cleared all rounds of interview are right now in a dilemma.

What exactly is happening here?

Onboarding Of Freshers Delayed: Upto 400 Impacted In Wipro Alone

As per reports coming in, new employees who have been hired by companies like Wipro and Deloitte are being delayed on-boarding, and no one knows the future.

The freshers who left other job offers, and said yes to these companies are right now in doubt.

In Wipro alone, 300-400 freshers have been told to wait, and they are not even sure if the company will ask them to join or not.

A person who is aware of this situation told: “About 300-400 professionals, including a team for content review roles in Hyderabad, have not been onboarded yet. They are now facing hardships without salary as a majority of them left their earlier jobs. At the end of May, these people have been told it may take longer for onboarding,”

The same report states that upto 70 freshers in Wipro have been denied on-boarding, who were hired for a Facebook project.

We don’t have exact numbers for Deloitte, but the situation is almost the same.

Wipro once again confirmed that all job offers will be honored, as their spokesperson said, “Wipro reiterates that as announced earlier, the company will honour all offers to candidates,”

Deloitte spokesperson also confirmed that they will honor all job offer. They said, “We are committed to honouring all the offers that we have made. Even during the lockdown, we have had virtual on-boarding of joinees. Owing to market disruptions, there could be a delay in the onboarding in some cases,”

IT Firms Promised To Honor All Job Offers

In the last few months, we have reported how some of the biggest IT firms in India have promised that they will honor all job offers made to the freshers, and no job loss will occur.

Wipro, Accenture, Tech Mahindra said that they will honor all job offers made prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus, and this gave confidence to the freshers, who were about to start their 1st job.

Infosys too promised that they will hire 35,000 employees, and honor all job offers being made.

Both TCS and Wipro promised that more than 40,000 employees will be hired even during te coronavirus pandemic. HCL and Accenture is even paying bonuses to their existing employees.

However, ecommerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart had delayed hiring of around 200,000 employees, as the deliveries were stopped during the lockdown. But now, since all deliveries are allowed, they are too expected to resume hiring.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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