Driving License, Vehicle Insurance Of Every Indian Extended Till July 31st

Driving License, Vehicle Insurance Of Every Indian Extended Till July 31st
Driving License, Vehicle Insurance Of Every Indian Extended Till July 31st

Due to the extension of lockdown for several times now, the Government has extended the validity of driving licenses and all other vehicle related documents as well. 

This validity was extended initially to June 30th, and now, the date has been extended yet again to July 31. 

Find out all the details about the extension of the validity of vehicle related documents right here!

Government Extends Validity of Driving Licences, Vehicle Insurance, And Other Documents

As we are all aware, drivers licenses, vehicle insurances, and many other vehicle related documents come with a date of expiration. Given the current situation of lockdown imposed due to the Coronavirus, it is impossible for those whose documents have reached their date of expiry. 

The Government has thankfully announced that the date of expiration will be extended to July 31st. Any document that has expired on or after 1 February will have its validity extended to July 31 now. Also, the Government has announced that there will be no additional or late fees charged for any delays till 31st July.

The documents that will have the extended date of expiry include all documents related to vehicles, such as national and international driving license, vehicle fitness certificate, registration fee, among others. 

The ministry of road transport and highways (MoRTH) has issued a statement that announces the same. 

Fees Already Paid Shall Continue To Remain Valid

There is also the case where the fees have been paid for renewal or service, but the statement also states that the fees that have been paid will continue to remain valid.

The statement says, “In order to facilitate citizens during Covid –19, MoRTH has issued a statutory order prescribing that the fees paid on or after 1st February 2020 for the activity(s) including renewal and in case such activity(s) is not completed due to conditions for prevention of Covid-19 pandemic, the fees paid shall continue to remain valid.”

The statement reveals that the Government has noticed that citizens are facing difficulties paying various fees or late fees as required under the rule 32 and 81 of Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989, due to the offices of the government offices being closed due to the lockdown.

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