6 Lakh IT Jobs In Danger: NITES Has Asked Maharashtra CM To Intervene

6 Lakh IT Jobs In Danger: NITES Has Asked Maharashtra CM To Intervene
6 Lakh IT Jobs In Danger: NITES Has Asked Maharashtra CM To Intervene

National Information Technology Employees Senate or NITES, which is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to the welfare of IT employees all across the nation has written to Maharashtra CM Shri Uddhav Thackeray & Labour Minister Shri Dilip Walse Patil to intervene, and save 6 lakh IT jobs in the state.

NITES has informed the CM and Labor Minister how they have raised their voice against the unethical firing of more than 68,000 IT employees in the state.

But a lot more needs to be done.

NITES Asks Maharashtra CM To Intervene & Save 6 Lakh IT Jobs

The letter by Harpreet Saluja, General Secretary, National Information Technology Employees Senate – NITES to Maharashtra CM and Labor Minister states that IT companies in the state are up against the IT employees.

Not only they are being illegally terminated, but their salaries are being reduced, they are being forcefully resigned, earned leaves are being deduced, maternity leaves are being canceled and more.

The letter states: “In such testing times, the rights of the employees are ought to be protected by necessary orders and directions to the companies by Government as prospects of several employees of the country are under dilemma.”

Supreme Court PIL 

NITES had earlier filed a petition in the Supreme Court, seeking directives to stop IT employers from indiscriminately firing employees, despite state-wise notifications against this move. 

When the lockdown had started, Centre had asked states to make sure that no employee is fired or their salary is reduced. 

However, this petition was rejected.

The letter states: “For the same a Public Interest Litigation – PIL was also filed by National Information Technology Employees Senate – NITES in the Supreme Court of India but it was dismissed by the Hon’ble Court stating that the court is not inclined to entertain the petition.”

NITES Asks Maharashtra CM, Labor Ministry To intervene

NITES has already raised the issue of illegal terminations and salary cutes, earned leave deductions of more than 68,000 IT employees in the state, and in some cases, employees have been benefitted as well.

However, more action is required on this front from the Govt, as the jobs of 6,00,000 IT employees are at stake.

The letter states: “Hence through this letter we are seeking your prompt intervention and support to safeguard life, jobs and families of more than 6 lakh IT/ITeS/BPO/KPO employees in Maharashtra. It is our fervent hope that such exploitation of employees do not occur in future and the working conditions will improve at a faster pace.”

NITES has informed us that they have received an acknowledgment from the office of Maharashtra CM.

This is a developing story, and we will keep you updated as more details come in.

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