Uber Fires 25% Workforce In India – 600 Employees Now Jobless Due To #Coronavirus

Uber Fires 25% Workforce In India - 600 Employees Now Jobless Due To #Coronavirus
Uber Fires 25% Workforce In India – 600 Employees Now Jobless Due To #Coronavirus

Transportation along with travel industry is one of the hardest hit during the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s impact is now slowly but gradually being reflected.

Uber, world’s largest app-based ride provider has fired 600 employees in India.

This is roughly 25% of their entire workforce. Earlier, Ola had fired 1400 employees in India.

Uber Fires 25% Of Workforce In India

Due to the fall in business and revenues, Uber India has fired 25% of their workforce. This was announced on Tuesday morning.

Confirming this, Pradeep Parameswaran, President, Uber India and South Asia said, “The impact of Covid-19 and the unpredictable nature of the recovery has left Uber India with no choice but to reduce the size of its workforce…600 people across driver and rider support, as well as other functions, are being impacted,” 

As per an unnamed insider, maximum job cuts have happened in the core mobility sector, and administration employees at their headoffices. 

Global technology teams have been spared from the firing, as of now.

Earlier, we had reported how Uber can fire 5400 employees globally, as their business is down by 80%. Earlier this month, we had speculated that upto 700 employees in India can be fired.

Which Jobs Has Been Culled At Uber?

Most of the job cuts at Uber has been announced for these job profiles:

  • Customer and driver support teams
  • Business development teams
  • Legal teams
  • Finance Department
  • Policy 
  • Marketing and Sales team

Some employees from the global technology teams have also been fired, but these were job profiles which catered to the international market, and thus, have become redundant as of now.

Benefits Rolled Out To The Fired Employees

All fired employees have been provided with 10-weeks salary, along with 6-months extended medical coverage.

Besides, Uber HR team is also helping them to get new jobs, and the employees can retain their laptops as well.

Pradeep Parameswaran expressed his grief on the terminations, as he said, “Today is an incredibly sad day for colleagues leaving the Uber family and all of us at the company. …. I want to apologize to departing colleagues, and extend my heartfelt thanks to them for their contributions to Uber and the riders and driver-partners we serve in India,”

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.`

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