H1B Visa Ban Will Severely Impact These 10 Tech Companies: Find Out Why?

H1B Visa Ban Will Severely Impact These 10 Tech Companies: Find Out Why?
H1B Visa Ban Will Severely Impact These 10 Tech Companies: Find Out Why?

The President of the US, Donald Trump has been quite focused on regulating the flow of workers that enter the US with the help of the US work visa or the H-1B visa.

Immigration to the US has already been banned, and talks are on stop and regulate H1b visa holders as well.

In case there is a ban on the visa has impacted almost every organization heavily.

Find out the top ten most affected organizations by a possible H-1B visa ban…

Top IT Firms Which Will Have Impact Due To H1B Visa Ban

As per reports, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has been reviewing the regulations of the H-1B visa, which might affect the temporary work authorisation of visas of foreign employees.

Here is a list of the top ten American technology companies and the number of H-1B visas that were approved in the year 2019.:

1. Amazon

The total number of employees in the Amazon firm is 750,000, whereas the ones who got their H-1B visa petitions approved are 3575 only.

2. Alphabet (Google)

At Alphabet, or Google, the total number of employees is 118899, of which, 2707 received approval on H-1B petitions. 

3. Microsoft

There are about 14400 employees in the firm, and only 1706 got their H-1B visa approved. 

4. Facebook

At the popular social networking site, there are about  44,942 employees, whereas only 1,534 got their H-1B visa application approved.

5. IBM

The workforce at IBM is 381100 as of 2018, whereas the number of approved H-1B petitions is 1256. 

6. Apple

The leading smartphone maker has a total workforce of 137,000 and the number of approved H-1B petitions is 1155 only. 

7. Intel

Intel has about 110800 employees working for it, of which, the H-1B petitions were granted to 1,014 only. 

8. Cisco

The workforce at Cisco is as much as 75,900, of which, the approved H-1B petitions are only 690. 

9. Qualcomm

We are all familiar with the leading chipset manufacturing company, Qualcomm, which has a workforce of 37,000. Of this, only 652 employees received an approval on their H-1B petition.

10. Uber

America based multinational ride-hailing company offering services, Uber has about 26900 employees in the company and there are about 491 of them who received the H-1B visa. 

As of now, the ban on immigration into US will have no impact on H1B visa holders. We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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