[Exclusive] IDC India Has Fired Hundreds Of Subcontractors During Lockdown: An Actual Story Of The Layoff

[Exclusive] IDC India Has Fired Upto 300 Subcontractors During Lockdown: Here Is The Actual Story
[Exclusive] IDC India Has Fired Hundreds Of Subcontractors During Lockdown: Here Is A Actual Story Of The Layoff

Payal Rastogi, hails from a small town in Uttar Pradesh, and she fought real hard to get her BTech degree from an NIT, and then performed extremely well in interviews to land a satisfying job with IDC, a 56 year old research and media behemoth with more than 14,000 employees and around $4-5 billion yearly revenues.

She was happy with the job, but suddenly, during the nationwide-lockdown, she was informed by her manager that she is fired. She was asked to resign with immediate effect, even after excelling all performance reviews, and being a star in her team.

Her fault was that, she was a subcontractor with IDC India, and not an employee on roll. 

And Payal is not alone. 

There are hundreds of such subcontractors, who are getting fired from IDC India, and none of them have any fault of their own.

IDC India Has Fired Hundreds Of Subcontractors

We have received numerous emails and messages, regarding a large scale firing by IDC India at their Pune and Mumbai offices. Hundreds of subcontractor employees, who were working for other clients have been axed by the company, to maintain their profitability.

Payal and her colleagues (which number to around 200) were subcontractors with IDC India, working for another client.

In the month of April, Payal and her teammates were informed that they will have to resign, and inform the last working day. No reason was mentioned, but later on, the truth was revealed: Their client had asked IDC India to fire all subcontractors.

And as per these employees, this client will shift their benched employees to these projects, where Payal and her teammates were working.

IDC Ditched These Subcontractors?

While speaking with on this matter, Payal informed us that at the time of joining, they were told by IDC HR and Managers that they are being hired as subcontractors for working with for another client.

And they have assured that if that client closes this deal, then IDC will absorb them in any other project. After all, the coding and development skills of Payal and her team maters were top notch, and they could have worked with any client.

But suddenly, IDC broke all promises.

The day this client decided to close their contract with IDC, all these subcontractors were terminated too, and no effort was made to shift them to other projects.

Payal said, “IDC India literally refused to help us. During the interview and joining, we were assured that we will be put into another project, if this client stops this project. They stopped picking up our calls, hid the facts, and suddenly left us in the middle of the river. We cant apply for a new job, cant go home and cant work for IDC. What should we do?”

If we talk business-sence, then this move by IDC India is reckless, unethical, and immoral. 

They could have helped their subcontractors via numerous ways, and they are infact helping out their own on-roll employees, but left the subcontractors out.

Payal says that in case they had refused to accept the subcontractor profile, and instead opted for being IDC’s on-roll employees, then things would have been different. 

This is a developing story, and we will keep you updated, as more details come in.

[Names changed to protect identity]

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