Lockdown 4.0 Till May 31: What’s Open, What’s Banned, Ecommerce Deliveries, Buses, Taxis & More

Lockdown 4.0 guidelines? Latest relaxations? Availability of public transport in Lockdown 4.0? Here’s everything you need to know. The current lockdown has now been officially extended till May 31. The Lockdown 4.0 will continue with a new set of guidelines and rules.

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Lockdown Extended Till May 31: New Guidelines, Relaxations, Online Deliveries, Public Transport And More

The government may completely open the economy from June.

The government is indirectly making it clear that Coronavirus is here to stay, and we will have to continue to live with it until it’s completely eradicated. Domestic and international flights still remain non-operational, while passenger trains have already been cancelled till June 30.

Here’s what you need to know about the lockdown extension: Lockdown 4.0

Lockdown 4.0: New Guidelines, Relaxations, Online Deliveries, Public Transport

The Lockdown 4.0 comes with multiple relaxations in Red Zones, the areas which had maximum restrictions till now.

1. Starting with transport, the private vehicles are already allowed since the last lockdown. Only if you are in a containment zone, you are not allowed to use a private vehicle. 

2. Movement of vehicles under Lockdown 4.0 are still not allowed between 7PM to 7AM unless there’s an or you an essential service provider.

3. Coming to interstate travel, under Lockdown 4.0, the interstate movement of private vehicles has been finally allowed. But both the states, from and to which you are travelling should be in mutual agreement.

4. In Lockdown 4.0, even at red zones e-commerce companies can now deliver non-essential items, which was not allowed till now. So across India, e-commerce platforms can now deliver any item.

5. Salons, barber shops are now allowed to open in red zones. 

6. Shopping malls, cinema halls, multiplexes will remain closed.

7. Standalone shops were already allowed to open in the last lockdown and under Lockdown 4.0, even marketplaces have now been allowed to open. 

8. All types of goods cargo can move without additional permission including empty cargo vehicles.

9. Cycle rickshaws and auto-rickshaws have been allowed in Red Zones. Taxis and online cab services as Ola, Uber are now allowed in red zones.

10. The specially developed Coronavirus prevention app Aarogya Setu is no longer compulsory for employees who attend office.

11. Restaurants are now allowed to operate kitchens for home delivery of food in red zones. The previous restrictions of staff strength in offices to 33 percent is no more applicable.

12. Stadiums and sports complexes are now allowed to stay open, but no spectators would be allowed. We don’t know yet whether any sporting events will be allowed or not.

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