Govt Drafts Rules For Air Passengers: No Cabin Luggage Allowed, Compulsory Web-Checkin & More

Govt Drafts Rules For Air Passengers
Govt Drafts Rules For Air Passengers

The aviation ministry has announced that there will be some rules when the airlines resume their operations. These rules will be put in place in order to ensure that social distancing in maintained in the flight journeys.

Find out what rules the ministry has issued when airlines resume right here!

Aviation Ministry Drafts Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) 

We already know that domestic flights have been allowed to resume operations after May 17. 

The civil aviation ministry has drafted standard operating procedures (SOPs) that need to be followed by the passengers, airlines, and airport operators once they resume operations.

The document states, “A questionnaire to be circulated to the passenger and filled up by them in advance about their past history related to COVID-19 and quarantine, if any, in last one month. Any passenger who has undergone quarantine in the last one month to be sent for security at the isolated security check unit only.”

It was earlier reported that the middle seat will be left vacant to maintain the social distancing norms so that the Coronavirus disease doesn’t spread any further. However, the draft doesn’t mention anything about it.

Rules Issued By Aviation Ministry To Be Followed By Passengers, Airlines

Here are some of the rules that the draft includes:

  • All the passengers are to arrive at the airport only after completing their web check-in at home.
  • The reporting time for the passengers will be will be increased by two hours. Only the passengers whose flights are scheduled to leave in the next six hours will be allowed to enter the airport.
  • Cabin luggage will not be allowed, and the check-in baggage will not be more than one piece weighing less than 20 kg per passenger.
  • Passengers above 80years of age will not be allowed to board any flight. Also, passengers will not be allowed to board a flight because of age and even if they are found to be running a high temperature. However, they will be able to change their travel date without any penalty.
  • Downloading the Aarogya Setu app will be compulsory for all passengers and only those people with a “green status” will be given entry into the airport.
  • Airlines will be keeping the check-in counters open three hours before the departure time and shut them down 60 to 75 minutes prior to departure. Boarding will begin one hour before the departure and the gates will close 20 minutes before.
  • Frisking of passengers will also be minimized and will be carried out only if the door frame metal detector beeps.
  • Food will not be served on board and water will be provided in cups and bottles in the galley.

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