Top Work From Home Gadgets: Here’s How To Have The Perfect Work From Home Setup

Looking for the best work from home gadgets? Top work from home accessories? Here’s a dedicated post on everything you would need to have a perfect work from setup to continue working peacefully.

Top Work From Home Gadgets: Here’s How To Have The Perfect Work From Home Setup

Working from home sounds fun, but having a proper work from setup is very important to do it with ease.

Today, we have compiled all the important work from home accessories and gadgets together to let you have a checklist of what you will actually need. 

The lockdown in India has been extended, and multiple office-goers are again decked to their home desks continuing their work from home. Here’s a full list of all the important work from home accessories for an easy go to WFH setup at home.

Top Work From Home Accessories: Work From Home Essentials

Here’s a checklist of all the important work from home gadgets and accessories to turn your home into a comfortable office. 

Checkout the top work from home essentials for a suitable work from home setup.

Comfortable Chair, Desk

You should be paying special attention to this. A comfortable place to sit and work is the key to working from home success. Choose the chair you are comfortable to sit for hours, preferably an office chair. If you don’t have one, you may choose to sit and continue working on your dining table.

But make sure you take a break and walk for a while every 40-60 minutes to let your body relax.

Also, having a larger space on your desk lets you focus on important things.

High-Speed Internet Connection

If you have a broadband connection make sure to upgrade, if already you are on a high-speed plan, make sure everything’s working fine. It’s too bad to be stuck on a video conferencing call in the middle due to bad internet, or complain about not sending the important file at the right time due to poor connectivity.

In case you don’t have WiFi or broadband at home, recharge with a Work From Home pack or a higher data-bound package for seamless daily connectivity.

Earphones / Headphones

Use your favourite earphones for the long conference calls. Put them on even when on a video call, so that anyone around you at home isn’t disturbed, also the person on the other side can clearly hear you. Do check the microphone in advance.

If you go for an over the head headphone, make sure they are comfortable to be used for hours.

Laptop Table Stand

If you choose to skip the desk and comfortable working from the bed, a laptop stand could be good to go with. You get an elevation, and it also doesn’t hurt your back. In case you don’t have a laptop stand now, use a small stool as an alternative.

Make sure you buy one later. It’s really handy.

White Board / Writing Pad

It’s great to have a clear writing space, it lets you focus on the important things. Jotting down some new ideas for the next pitch or writing down some important to-dos, they should come handy.

Use your old white board to know what to do for the day, or just a clean pad for all your daily tasks.

Bluetooth Speaker

If your conference calls are way too long, it’s better to skip the headphones. It does harm you, and extended calls via headphones can later be a reason for headaches. 

Instead go for a small bluetooth speaker and multitask on calls.

Power Bank / Extension Cord

If you already have a laptop power bank, you are good to go for some hours. Same for your smartphone. But in case you are too lazy to charge your power banks, it’s better to stay close to a charging point.

And if you’re again too lazy to be near a charging point, you can have an extension cord to solve your crisis.

Desk Organizer

A desk organizer could be perfect for having all your trivial stuff organized on your desk. It can hold all your important essentials at one place, be it pens, pencils, stapler, post-its and paper clips. You can have everything at one place without being messy.

You only lose the important stuff when you need it the most, so this can be really handy.

If you don’t have one, you can have a desk organiser made at home. Use some of the old delivery boxes or anything to keep your stuff organized and segmented.

Storage Device / External Hard Drive

While the important file stays safe on your laptop, it’s never a bad idea to keep a copy of it. You never know when an important file can go missing on your computer, or it may crash. Don’t let your boss complain about you being irresponsible again.

Having a backup of your important files is crucial. Use a hard drive, if not available, then a high-memory branded memory card.

If you still have none of the two, try atleast saving your important file on the cloud. But having an offline backup is important. 

Desk Lamp

If your working hours are a little late or your room is not very bright in the day, having a desk lamp is better than lighting up the whole room. Desk lamp has an adjustable neck, works with the power bank and is bright enough to work in any condition.

Neck Pillow (In Case You Need Some Power Naps)

While we choose to sit in the same spot for hours, having a short nap while on the go could be great. Even if you’re not sleeping, the neck pillow could be great to let the head stay comfortable.  

It can be a support cushion for your long day hours providing some relief.

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