Govt Issues Strict Warning Against Zoom App; Says It’s ‘Not Safe’, Issues Guidelines Of Usage

Govt Issues Strict Warning Against Zoom App; Says It’s ‘Not Safe’, Issues Guidelines Of Usage
Govt Issues Strict Warning Against Zoom App; Says It’s ‘Not Safe’, Issues Guidelines Of Usage

Govt of India has issued a strict warning against Zoom app, which has become India’s most downloaded app for March, even beating the likes of Whatsapp and Facebook, TikTok.

Govt has issued guidelines on how to use this app, but more importantly, suggested not to use it.

Govt of India: Zoom Is Unsafe

After National cyber-security agency – Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CERT-in) advised against using Zoom app due to security vulnerabilities, Govt of India has now issued strict warning against using Zoom app.

This latest advisory has been issued by Government’s Cyber Coordination Centre or CyCord against using Zoom.

Govt officials have already been asked not to use any private video conferencing app, including Zoom.

As per Govt., Zoom can be hacked easily, and private information can be stolen which can harm the users. Ever since lockdown was announced, millions of workers are now relying on Zoom’s video conferencing platform to communicate with their team members, and the increasing incidents of Zoom being hacked has alarmed the Govt.

Earlier, CERT had said, “Many organisations have allowed their staff to work from home to stop the spread of coronavirus disease. Online communication platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Teams for Education, Slack, Cisco WebEx etc are being used for remote meetings and webinars,”

Guidelines For Using Zoom App

In their latest advisory, Govt has strongly recommended that users should change their passwords frequently, and keep on updating the software whenever a new update comes in.

Govt said, “Most of the settings can be done by login into users zoom account at website, or installed application at PC/Laptop/Phone and also during conduct of conference. However certain settings are possible through certain mode/channel only,”

Besides, all users have been asked to end the meeting once the video conferencing is over, without fail.

Govt has added that these instructions become very important for those meetings, wherein sensitive information is being shared.

Banks including Standard Chartered Bank have completely banned Zoom for their employees, whereas Google, Microsoft and New York Schools too have banned its usage.

Taiwan recently banned Zoom for all its citizens.

The major fear factor related with Zoom is that the data is being routed via Chinese servers, and once the video feed is uploaded, it can be easily accessed by anyone.

Here are some alternatives for Zoom app.

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