Shocking! 99.8% Of Indian IT Employees Cannot Work From Home Due To These Reasons

Shocking! 99.8% Of Indian IT Employees Cannot Work From Home Due To These Reasons
Shocking! 99.8% Of Indian IT Employees Cannot Work From Home Due To These Reasons

The lockdown imposed due to the Coronavirus has impacted the IT sector drastically. A majority of the IT companies have asked their employees to resume their work from the safety of their homes. 

However, a study has revealed that only 0.2% workforce of the IT industry is highly productive, which means, 99.8% of people haven’t been efficient at their work while working remotely. 

The deadly coronavirus has claimed the lives of 239 people and 7447 people have been infected in India alone.

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99.8% People In IT Sector Incapable Of Remote Working: Study

A study conducted by research-backed innovative venture SCIKEY MindMatch has shown that 99.8 percent of the workforce in IT organizations is unable to be as productive while working at homes as they are in their workplace.

More than 10,000 job-seekers in the IT sector participated in this study, on the MindMatch assessment through the SCIKEY Talent Commerce Marketplace.

As per the study, there is only 0.2 percent of IT employees that have shown highly productive attributes. Apparently, the other 99.8 percent of employees lack one of the qualities, including resistance to learning and exploring (95 percent), lack in practical communication skills (65 percent) and lack in planning and execution (71 percent).

The study also shows that 16.97% of people are challenge-driven. And hence, these people should be given tasks that challenge them and they can work the best if they don’t have any intervention. 

17% Employees Need Instructions, 12.7% Employees Need Social Interactions

17 percent of the employees are instruction-driven and therefore they need clear and direct instructions to work their best. While engaging with these employees, the report states that they must be supervised by paying close attention to the details of the tasks that have been assigned to them.

As per the study, 40.42 percent of the employees are logic-driven. To engage with them remotely, they should be given a task that is logic-driven and their queries must be answered no matter how small they are or how many there are.

Also, about 12.7 percent of the employees are very much dependent on their social interactions, and working from home comes as a real challenge for them. Work is not difficult for them, but social interactions are necessary for them to function. They need face to face interaction 

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