Apple, Google Join Forces To Defeat #Coronavirus; 3 Billion Mobile Users Will Be Traced Via Bluetooth

Apple, Google Join Forces To Defeat #Coronavirus; 3 Billion Mobile Users Will Be Traced Via Bluetooth
Apple, Google Join Forces To Defeat #Coronavirus; 3 Billion Mobile Users Will Be Traced Via Bluetooth

In an unprecedented move, two of the biggest tech companies have decided to join their forces, in order to defeat the coronavirus epidemic.

Apple and Google, both have announced a unique partnership to trace and track 3 billion mobile users, for coronavirus infections.

Apple, Google Determined To Kill Coronavirus

In a rare move, Apple and Googe has decided to create a unique wireless and digital platform, which will be used to track 3 billion mobile users, for coronavirus infections.

Once the users opt in to this platform, then they can be instantly alerted if they have come in contact with any coronavirus positive patient or not, and will be recommended to quarantine immedietely.

As per reports, this tech platform will work via Bluetooth, and it will be cover all iPhone users, and Android users which collectively amount of 3 billion humans.

Both Apple and Google released a statement: “All of us at Apple and Google believe there has never been a more important moment to work together to solve one of the world’s most pressing problems,” 

How Will It Work?

Both Apple and Google announced that this tech enabled ‘contact-tracing’ mechanism will work in two steps:

Step 1: By mid-May, every iPhone and Android phone in the world will have this feature to opt in wherein anonymous information will be wirelessly exchanged between smartphones. This information will be directly plugged in via data shared by health authorities all over the world.

Hence, if a person is coronavirus positive, then that information will be shared with all the phone users, across the world. In case any person comes in contact with that infected person, then iPhones/Android phone will alert the person, and suggest ways to self-isolate, report to the health personals.

It will take into account the days of the infection as well: As of now, the symptoms can appear within 14 days, and this will be incorporated within the tech platform.

Step 2: This is the lengthy process: Both iPhones and Android phones will be have this technology incorporated automatically, without any downloads. But the user must opt in into this, in order to make it work. The more people opt in, the better this contact tracing will work. However, transferring this tech into 3 billion phones all over the world is a massive challenge, and this may take time.

What About Privacy?

Yes, privacy is an issue here, since sensitive heath records will be transferred and used by billions of phones.

A group of conservative Republicans in the House of Representatives, wrote to President Trump: “Google’s colossal stores of data on daily movements of Americans, coupled with the might of local, state, and federal governments is an alarming prospect.”

Google and Apple has assured that all exchange of data will be anonymous, and the mobile users wont be able to see any data. Only the alert they can see, whether they have come in contact with a coronavirus infected person or not.

Besides, entire system can shutdown, if required.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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