#Coronavirus: Get Genuine, Authentic Updates From These Official Sources; Avoid Fake News, Rumors

#Coronavirus: Get Genuine, Authentic Updates From These Official Sources; Avoid Fake News, Rumors
Coronavirus: Get Genuine, Authentic Updates From These Official Sources; Avoid Fake News, Rumors

As Coronavirus is gripping the world more and more tightly, it becomes necessary to be updated about the virus-spread. However, we should not believe each and every website blindly that presents to us news on the Covid 2019 cases

In order to make you aware of the websites that provide genuine, dependable and sensation-free news on Coronavirus, we are presenting you with a list of such sites here. This list is divided into two parts. The first part shows which websites provide news on the Coronavirus cases in India and the steps taken to curtail its spread. The second list shows which websites give accurate, up to date and sensation free news about the Covid-19 cases world wide.

Genuine and Responsible CoronaVirus News sources: India Centric

Website of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Follow the website of MoHFW, India to get the updated news on active Corona cases in India, number of cured people, number of deaths etc. You will also find various news that will indicate that the government is leaving no stones unturned to keep the flow of goods smooth. You will also find various advisories regarding the Coronavirus issue.

The website is – https://www.mohfw.gov.in/ 

The Dedicated Coronavirus Page of MyGov

MyGov is doing a great work in spreading awareness with the help of colourful animated posters. The short but informative posters can tell you what to do and what not to do without wasting your time. Apart from that, it also has all the latest info on the lockdown status, the medical advisory, the travel advisory, the discharge policy of Covid 19 patients etc.

The website is – https://www.mygov.in/covid-19 

The Website of Indian Council of Medical Research

This website is particularly important because if any new scientific breakthrough happens that can help us to fight the dreaded Covid’19, then this website will be the first one to publish it. Do not believe in any pseudo scientific article forwarded through social media. Follow this website only. You will get an idea on how home quarantine can flatten the Coronavirus spread-curve. You will also get to know how many government and private testing labs are there for Covid-19 testing. Apart from that, the website daily updates the list of Covid-19 patients.

The website – https://www.icmr.nic.in/ 

Genuine And Responsible Coronavirus News Sources: Global

WHO Website

The World Health Organisation has everything that you need to know regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. There are general advisories, situation updates, dos and don’ts, updates on research and clinical trials. Follow the website to know how hundreds of health care workers, doctors and researchers are working day and night to bring out a cure for this deadly viral disease.

The Website – https://www.who.int/ 

Whatsapp Update From WHO

If you really need to gather news about Coronavirus from Whatsapp, there is a great way to get that news minus any misinformation. The WHO has come up with a Whatsapp service. They have given a number, save it. Send hi via whatsapp to that number. And then you will be directed to many useful news, resources, dos and don’ts.

The Whatsapp Number Of WHO :  +41 22 501 76 55

The Website Of John Hopkins University

The John Hopkins University has done a great job in creating an interactive that tells us the number of active and closed cases and the number of deaths related to Covid-19. The website has many other valuable articles on the pandemic.

The Website for the Interactive Map – https://hub.jhu.edu/2020/01/23/coronavirus-outbreak-mapping-tool-649-em1-art1-dtd-health/ 

The Main website – https://hub.jhu.edu/ 

In these testing times the less that you would want is stress. Don’t watch news all day. You will get mad.

India has already announced a 21 day lockdown. Use this time to bond with your family members.

Try and practice meditation that you never did because of lack of time. Try to write poems. Watch great shows on youtube, Netflix and what not.

If you have well placed windows, stare at the blue sky – it is therapeutic. Talk to your school friend. Relive the lost moments with them. Above all, pray for India.

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