Can You Order Online Till April 15? Here’s What Amazon, Flipkart, Grofers, Big Basket, Mi, Realme, Paytm Has To Say

Can you order online till April 15? Will your orders be delivered till April 15? Can anything be ordered online? Here’s what Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm,, and more has to say about the lockdown and deliveries.

Can You Order Online Till April 15? Here’s What Amazon, Flipkart, Mi, Realme, Paytm Has To Say

Amid the 21-day lockdown starting today, can you order something and get it before April 15? 

Different platforms have different answers, and they are working differently. As per the government norms, yes, e-commerce platforms can continue to operate, and the orders can be delivered with adequate precautions.

But this only includes essential items. Not all the products can be delivered ordered via any e-commerce platform, but just the important items as medical equipment, medicines, food, essential commodities and such.


Starting with the largest homegrown e-commerce platform, Flipkart has temporarily suspended all its services. Nothing can be ordered on Flipkart now, and the company is yet to inform from when the services are to resume. So, you can’t order anything on Flipkart as of now, probably till the lockdown is over.

The orders placed before may either be delivered, or will be attempted post the lockdown.


Amazon will be delivering during the lockdown, but only the essential items. Amazon has clearly mentioned that it will be complying with the government’s order, and will only be delivering the essential goods during this period. The site also mentions that deliveries will be prioritised on the basis of resources available and importance.

Other products on Amazon India will be temporarily unavailable for purchase.

For the customers, prime or non-prime, who have already placed an order on Amazon before lockdown, if they are non-essential products, will receive a delayed delivery.

The India portal hasn’t mentioned anything on their site, but it has all products on the site out of stock. You can’t place any order. Even Xiaomi is running Mi Super Days sale till March 26, but still all the products are shown to be out of stock. So it means you can’t place an order.

So, in all, you can’t order anything online from as they are not accepting orders.

The site mentions on any product you click “We’ll notify you when the stocks arrive.”

The Realme India online portal or also mentions that the deliveries will be done on a later date than usual. Unlike other portals, continues to accept orders online. The site mentions that the deliveries will be affected.

The Realme site says “In view of the lockdown to fight corona, the delivery of the order may be affected. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.”

Realme was about to unveil two new smartphones on March 26: Narzo 10 and Narzo 10A, but the launch has been cancelled indefinitely. Due to countrywide lockdown, the new Realme Narzo smartphones will come on a later date, expected sometime in late April or May.

Paytm Mall

Unlike Flipkart or Amazon, Paytm Mall is accepting orders on a wide number of categories. Though the app clearly mentions that deliveries will be affected due to restriction of movement of shipments, but yet you can place an order on Paytm Mall.

The Paytm Mall is accepting orders, also you have a separate section to order groceries and other important products on the platform.

**Grofers, Big Basket, Big Bazaar, D Mart, Spencers

Hypermarkets as Big Bazaar or Spencers said to have received a tremendous number of orders for doorstep delivery, and are hardly taking orders now. So, there is going to be multiple delays due to restriction of movement.

D Mart app has stopped taking any order, all the current delivery slots are taken.

Grofers and Big Basket have stopped taking orders as well. Though the Government clearly mentions that food and essential goods can be ordered via e-commerce platforms, there have been some strict restrictions on movement.

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