#Coronavirus Impact: HDFC, SBI Will Deliver Cash At Your Home (Find Out How?)

#Coronavirus Impact: HDFC, SBI Will Deliver Cash At Your Home (Find Out How?)

#Coronavirus Impact: HDFC, SBI Will Deliver Cash At Your Home (Find Out How?)

Do you want to withdraw cash urgently but finding it difficult to go to the ATM due to the lockdown? Worry not!

The banks will now come to your doorstep to give you money. A person can order cash from his bank by sitting at your home. 

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Cash Delivered at Your Doorstep by Banks!

On March 22, Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba had said all efforts should be made to prevent unnecessary travel.

The central and state governments decided to lock down 75 districts across the country where Covid-19 cases have been reported to contain the spread of the virus. The districts where lockdown was announced include states of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. 

Despite the lockdown, banks constitute an essential service and continue to remain operational.

Major Indian big banks including the SBI, HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and Axis Bank are offering this cash delivery facility to their customers.

Find Out More About the Cash Delivery Services!

The State Bank of India (SBI), the nation’s biggest lender is providing the doorstep cash delivery service. Additionally, the bank gives the customer the facility to deposit money. Currently this facility is available for senior citizens and specially-abled people. But in case of a medical emergency, any SBI customer can take advantage of this facility at the cost of Rs 100.

HDFC Bank is also providing this facility for its account holders. The cash limit is Rs 5000 to Rs 25000 with charges between Rs 100 to Rs 200.

Axis bank and Kotak Mahindra are also giving this facility to its customers.

You Can Also Get An Instant Loan!

In case of emergency, if you don’t have cash in your account, you can still make arrangements for money by taking an instant loan. Many financial technology companies provide their customers with the facility of instant loan. The customers need to complete their KYC through their apps and then they will get a loan in 24 hours. The loan is directly deposited into their accounts.

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