#Coronavirus: TCS IT Infra Head Dies While Implementing Work From Home For All Employees

#Coronavirus: TCS IT Infra Head Dies While Implementing Work From Home For All Employees?
Coronavirus: TCS IT Infra Head Dies While Implementing Work From Home For All Employees?

In a sad and unfortunate incident, a hard working and dedicated TCS employee died, due to the coronavirus panic.

As the deadly virus is spreading all over the world, more and more employees, companies and communities are getting impacted.

Who is actually responsible here?

TCS Global Head Of IT Infrastructure Expired

Amit Jain, who was the Global head of IT Infrastructure Services at TCS died a tragic death three days ago, due to the panic unleashed by coronavirus.

He was 53.

Since the coronavirus outbreak in India and globally, companies have been trying to implement work from home setup for all employees.

Inside TCS, Amit was responsible for implementing the same, and since last 10 days, he was super busy into that.

As per some sources, Amit didn’t even sleep properly for the last 7 days, as there was lots of work to be completed for implementing work from home for lakhs of employees, and ensuring that the deliveries promised by TCS to the clients happen on time.

The Reason For Amit’s Death

Last week, as Amit was giving a presentation to his colleagues on the readiness for work from home setup for all employees, he collapsed right in the conference room.

He suffered a massive heart attack due to the sheer exhaustion, and work load. 

His brother posted a message on social media: “My brother had a cardiac arrest at 3.30pm on March 17th and was rushed to Hiranandani hospital near his workplace. The junior doctors were unable to revive Amit with CPR and by the time the seasoned cardiologists attended to him, it was too late, he went into a coma and passed away on March 19th. Through all of this TCS went out of the way to ensure that Amit gets the best possible treatment and solace at this time of stress.”

As per his brother, Amit was non-smoker, healthy, and had no previous case of blood pressure or hypertension.

Work pressure, and overburdening of tasks led to Amit’s death, as per doctors.

This is indeed sad and unfortunate news, and heart goes out to the family members.

Request for all our readers: Stay heathy, dont overburden yourself in these testing times. 

This shall too pass over.

RIP Amit Jain.

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