#Coronavirus Scare: Govt Bans All Domestic Flights; First TIme Ever In India’s History

#Coronavirus: Govt Bans All Domestic Flights; First TIme Ever In India’s History
Coronavirus: Govt Bans All Domestic Flights; First TIme Ever In India’s History

Drastic times call for drastic measures.

Due to the unprecedented spread of coronavirus across India, with more than 400 cases reported as of now, Indian Govt has suspended all domestic flights.

All Domestic Flights Cancelled

This ban on domestic flights will be implemented from 00:00 hours of March 24th, which is tomorrow.

Every airlines have been asked to schedule their flights such a way that they are able to land at their respective destination before night 12.

For the first time ever, such a drastic measure has been taken in India.

An unnamed official said, “No domestic flights will be allowed to operate after 23.59 IST (1159 pm) on 24 March,” 

Only cargo flights will be allowed as of now.

There is no timeline when the domestic flights will resume.

Why This Ban Was Implemented?

As per some reports, this measure was taken after few states such as West Bengal and Bihar asked the Centre to suspend all flights, anywhere in the country. Both these states have got their first infected person via external contamination: These patients were infected outside India, and then reached Bihar and West Bengal.

Infact, around 60-70% cases of coronavirus in India has spread from people coming in from outside countries. But now, local transmission of the disease is spreading out, and Govt has initiated some drastic measures.

For the first time ever in India, Indian Railways has suspended all passenger trains as well. Several states including Delhi has closed down its borders, and even Delhi Metro has been shut down.

More than 80 districts in India have announced complete lockdown and Section 144 has been imposed across these cities. Punjab has become the first state to implement state-wide Section 144.

Globally, 3.39 lakh people have been infected with coronavirus, and 14,717 people have died. Although China has able to successfully contain the spread, countries like Italy, France, Iran, Spain and the US have become the hotbeds of infections and spread.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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