Realme Narzo: Smartwatch? Clothes? Smart Speaker? Here’s What You Need To Know

Realme Narzo, a new product line-up by Realme has been teased in the country. Expected to be Realme’s fashion or another smart product line, the company CEO posted a video on Realme Narzo hinting at its upcoming line of products.

Realme Narzo: Smartwatch? Clothes? Smart Speaker? Here’s What You Need To Know

Realme also asked the fans to guess what the new Narzo is about.

The company didn’t directly share any information, but given the video of how the solo dancers were dancing with the styled clothing, it’s expected to be Realme’s fashion line or a new range of accessories in the country.

Realme Narzo: Clothes, Speakers, Smartwatches?

While we are yet to know what the Realme Narzo could be, the brand may be revealing it’s new line of smart speakers as per some sources. Realme is also working on smartwatches, it could be as well.

With some of the information available, it’s a different product line-up other than smartphones.

Realme has already been diversifying its portfolio of products in the country, and after more than a dozen smartphones, it’s getting into audio accessories, smartphone accessories, power banks and even bags.

Realme has previously hinted that it will continue to diversify into more lifestyle product categories in 2020, and this could be its clothing brand in the country.

Realme Narzo Registered: Product Categories?

The Realme Narzo is said to have been spotted on a website. It has the details of the registration of marks with some information about the classifications of products under it. The Realme Narzo products will include different categories.

It will have from notebook computers, smartwatches, smart glasses, loudspeakers, headphones, TV apparatus, screen protector for mobile phones and chargers.

The company will also sell accessories under the brand as USB cables to batteries to leather items to shopping bags. It will also include clothing, shoes, hats and more. Realme will be on a hyper expanding mode in 2020 with different lifestyle products and accessories.

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