Google Removes Antutu Benchmarking App From Google Playstore: But Why?

Google Removes Antutu Benchmarking App From Google Playstore: But Why?
Google Removes Antutu Benchmarking App From Google Playstore: But Why?

We all know AnTuTu – our trusted app whose scores we trust to judge smartphones and their performances. Considering that AnTuTu is one of Google’s ‘most popular app’, the news that Google has removed it from its Play Store is quite a shock!

As if this wasn’t enough, Google has also removed two more apps branded by AnTuTu from the play store. The reason for this has been cited as the app’s association with Cheetah Mobile.

Talk about bad company! However, AnTuTu has adamantly denied any such association. Find out the whole story right here!

Google Removes AnTuTu’s Three Apps From Play Store; Is AnTuTu Owned By Cheetah Mobile?

Google has reportedly removed the popular benchmarking app, AnTuTu from its play store. Next to go were more apps branded by AnTuTu – AnTuTu 3DBench, AnTuTu Benchmark, or AITuTu as well. The download links of these apps have been replaced by APK links on the website of Google.

It was February when Google announced that 600 apps that violate Google’s ad policies or for displaying disruptive ads will be removed from the app store. These apps have also been banned from Google’s ad monetization platforms, Google AdMob and Google Ad Manager. Apparently, all this is a part of the crackdown on the Cheetah Mobile apps, as China based CM is one of the top offenders.

AnTuTu confirmed this, “We received a notification email from Google on March 7th informing us that AnTuTu was one of the related publisher accounts of Cheetah Mobile, all AnTuTu apps were removed from the Play Store.”

AnTuTu Denies Association With Cheetah Mobile; Provides Clarification

AnTuTu has denied any association with the company. The company explained that Cheetah Mobile had invested in them in 2014 and had become one of the shareholders since. 

The statement issued by AnTuTu states, “However, we still retain a considerable account of shares and Independent operation of the company as well as our own independent Google Play account. Cheetah Mobile has never touched our Google Play account, and AnTuTu has NOT done any promotion of Cheetah Mobile’s software.”

The company is also hoping that Google will examine the app carefully and that the misunderstanding is cleared up soon.

AnTuTu is a widely popular app, used by Android smartphone companies, such as Xiaomi and Realme to show off their scores, and thus the quality of their smartphones.

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