Tata Sky Increases Tariff For New Users, Multi-TV Plans; Stops Selling SD Set-Top Boxes, Only HD Available Now

Tata Sky Increases Tariff For New Users, Multi-TV Plans; Stops Selling SD Set-Top Boxes, Only HD Available Now

Tata Sky Increases Tariff For New Users, Multi-TV Plans; Stops Selling SD Set-Top Boxes, Only HD Available Now

Tata Sky implemented NTO 2.0 on February 29 by reducing the fee for its Network Capacity for both Primary and Secondary connections. 

The Tata Sky SD Set-Top-Box is finally discontinued and only the HD Connections are available from now on.

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Price Hike in the TataSky Connections!

The steep decline was observed in the Network Connection Fee (NFC) of secondary connection, which recently got reduced from Rs 130 to Rs 52.

The users rejoiced in this fee reduction but the company witnessed a decline in profits. Hence the company has now hiked prices for both new connections and Multi-TV prices for SD and HD set-top-boxes. 

Earlier, Tata Sky was giving out new SD and HD connections for Rs 1,399. Now, the Indian DTH operator has hiked the price by 7.2 %  by charging Rs 1,499 for the same. New Multi-TV connections saw a similar price hike. A secondary SD connection costs Rs 1,299. It now costs Rs 1,399. A secondary HD connection was priced at Rs 999 but now costs Rs 1,199, reports the publication Dream DTH.

Tata Sky also discontinued its lowest recharge amount of Rs 20. The lowest top-up will be now available for Rs 50.

What are TataSky’s Competitors Offering?

Comparing with other connections, Airtel Digital TV is offering the cheapest new connections in the country. An Airtel Digital TV connection costs Rs 1,100 while its HD connection is priced at Rs 1,300. 

Meanwhile, Dish TV is priced at Rs 1,490 for a new DishNXT connection. It also charges Rs 1,590 for new DishNXT HD connections.

Videocon’s D2H costs Rs 1,599 for a new SD set-top-box connection and a sum of Rs 1,799 for new HD set-top-box connections. 

Meanwhile, Sun Direct is the most expensive when it comes to new connections. The DTH operator charges Rs 1,799 for an SD set-top-box and Rs 1,999 for an HD set-top-box.

Tata Sky Ceasing the Distribution of SD Set-Top-Box!

The Indian DTH operator has announced the discontinuation of the TataSky SD Set-Top-Box which will be effective, starting from February 5, 2020. 

After the bold move, Tata Sky now has 4 STBs in its portfolio – Tata Sky Binge+, Tata Sky HD, Tata Sky 4K, and Tata Sky HD+.

Before the SD connection got discontinued, both the SD connection and the HD connection were priced similarly. The HD and SD boxes were being sold for Rs 1,399 in the country after the price drop that happened in January 2020. But as mentioned above, the HD connections will now be priced at Rs 1,499.

Swati Yadav, a Tata Sky representative said, “Effective February 5 2020 our SD box will not be sold as a DTH connection, customers can purchase HD connection which is available at Rs 1399”. 

The customers who have already applied for the SD connection before the announcement will still get it installed within the given time frame, but the new connections will not be accepted. Furthermore, the company has ensured that the warranty and spare parts for its existing SD connection users will continue to be available in the market.

The Tata Sky SD boxes don’t come with an HDMI port, and the connectivity options are relatively limited. The new HD boxes, on the other hand, support both HDMI, as well as the more traditional RCA cable connections, meaning that the customers don’t have to worry about  any old CRT TV not supporting the same.

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