Shame! Passengers Steal 5000 Taps, 2000 Mirrors, Even Toilet Covers From This New Train

Shame! Passengers Steal 5000 Taps, 2000 Mirrors, Even Toilet Covers From This New Train
Shame! Passengers Steal 5000 Taps, 2000 Mirrors, Even Toilet Covers From This New Train

The Indian Railways initiated ‘Project Utkrisht’ for upgrading its long-distance trains to ensure better on-board experience, cleanliness and hygiene to passengers, in October 2018. 

But, most of the fittings from the trains’ washrooms are missing, which reflects the gross misuse of public services according to the reports.

How Did This Happen?

Indian Railways had planned to revamp Utkrisht rakes in 2018. That time, it was decided that for the coming two years the Railways will be revamping these rakes for a budget of ?400 crores. 

Basically, the rakes are provided to Western and Central Railways and there have been several instances of vandalism reported in these rakes. 

Around 3,000 stainless steel taps have been stolen from the rakes’ toilets and washbasins. 

Further, the railway data reveals that nearly 2,000 mirrors with stainless steel frame, around 500 liquid soap dispensers and 3,000 toilet flush valves are also missing from around 80 Utkrisht rakes.

How Much Loss Did Railway Suffer?

With the implemented changes, Utkrisht rakes have odorless toilets with LED lights, however, the toilet seat covers are also stolen. 

Due to these thefts, Central Railway (CR) and Western Railway (WR) have suffered a loss of Rs 15.25 lakhs and Rs 38.58 lakhs respectively. 

According to the officials “Each Mirror cost Rs 600 while the tap cost Rs 108. The brand-new seat covers have been damaged and the emergency box that contained a hammer has been smashed and the hammer stolen from around 80 rakes”,.

Not only that, the hammers that are kept near emergency windows inside a box have also been stolen from these rakes.

Though, it isn’t the first time that Indian Railways are witnessing such cases as Tejas Express which runs on the Mumbai-Goa route is infamous for many such incidences. 

In May 2017, during its inaugural journey, headphones that were attached to an LED screen on the seats were stolen.

What Is Railways Response To This Mishap?

To resolve this issue, Central Railway has decided that it will now install chains around the taps. Sealants will be applied to the taps, mirrors, toilet flush covers and valves. 

While the Chief Public Relations officers (PRO) of CR and WR have very contrasting opinions on this.

The Chief PRO of Central Railway, Shivaji Sutar appealed to the commuters to not repeat it again and stated that they are committed to making their passenger’s journey a joyful experience. 

Although, Western Railways Chief PRO Ravinder Bhakar said that strict actions will be taken against people who are found damaging or stealing the railway’s property.

On one side, passengers always demand better facilities on trains, but such incidents raise serious questions as to whether they even deserve them.

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