Pune Techie Robbed Of Rs 92,000 While Ordering Nailpolish Of Rs 388: Never Do This Ever!

Pune Techie Robbed Of Rs 92,000 While Ordering Nailpolish Of Rs 388: Never Do This Ever!
Pune Techie Robbed Of Rs 92,000 While Ordering Nailpolish Of Rs 388: Never Do This Ever!

Yet another news about Online Theft! The punishment for Internet fraud under Section 420 in the Indian Penal Code deals with Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property. The maximum punishment which can be awarded is imprisonment for a term of 7 year and fine.

A 25-year Pune Techie got duped of Rs 92,446 for a bottle of nail polish worth Rs 388!

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Cyber Crook  Disguised as a Customer Care Executive Dupes a Pune Woman!

 According to the police, the incident happened between December 17 and 30, 2019. On Saturday, the victim lodged an FIR against the fraudsters with the Wakad police. Two persons have been booked by the police under the provisions of the Information and Technology Act and relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

A 25-year-old software engineer, had ordered a nail polish bottle worth Rs 388 from an e-commerce website using an application on her smartphone. A police officer said, “She transferred Rs388 from her bank account to a private bank.”

The designated delivery date of the product passed but she did not receive her order. She dialled the shopping website’s customer care number to enquire about the delay in delivery. 

The person possibly disguised as a customer care executive for the said company told her over the phone that they have not received the payment for the product. Next, the executive assured the victim that her refund will be initiated and asked for her mobile number. 

The techie fell prey for the promise peddled by the crook and shared her contact number, police say. After a while, five transactions took place from two of her private bank accounts and a total sum of Rs 90,946 was deducted. Later, a debit transaction of Rs 1,500 took place from her public sector bank account.

A police officer said that an account totalling to Rs 92,446 has been debited from the victim’s account and the money has been transferred to another account. The woman repeatedly insisted that she had not shared any information regarding her bank accounts to anyone. The police investigation is under progress.

How To Avoid Internet Frauds?

  1. Do not share account information like cvv, otp, expiry date, etc with anyone. No bank employee or online payment app employee is authorized to ask such information.
  2. Do not connect with the bank or any online payment app by searching for customer care numbers on Google or social media platforms.
  3. Do not pick up calls from unidentified numbers claiming to be bank or online payment app.
  4. Do not enter UPI pin or pay money when you are receiving money.
  5. Do not install third party apps like Screen Share, Teamviewer, etc
  6. Do not pay any amount to secure a job. No job or internship providing site asks you to pay any amount to secure a job.

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